7 Face-to-Face Sex Positions That Improve Emotional Intimacy

Sex may refer to a lot more than only satisfying sexual desires and wants between two or more people. We desire more from sex than sheer penetration and orgasm at certain times in our life, whether we have a permanent partner or not.

Our wants are connected to meeting some more intimate, emotional components of interacting with other individuals at such and comparable occasions. In common parlance, this is referred to as “making love” rather than “sex.”

Making love, then, is the act of creating affection and intimacy between two or more individuals who are sexually comfortable with one another. Beyond sex, couples build deep emotional and personal bonds during this sexual contact.

But even if we desire to be active in this area of sex, the sexual positions we are used to may not be able to assist us in doing so. Eye contact, ease of access and physical intimacy of the bodies, face-to-face postures, and maybe even kissing are some of the actions needed to enhance intimacy and emotional connection in a romantic sense between partners.

All of these elements must be present in sexual positions intended for making love for that type of sex to truly mean something more and develop into a romantic and sensuous encounter. We chose eye contact and face-to-face positions as one of the most significant aspects of this type of sex out of all the above guides for strengthening emotional connection between partners during intimate relations.

When it comes to sex, eye contact has a lot of power. It increases arousal during sex while also deepening the overall sexual experience and empathy between partners. Partners benefit from eye contact because, among other things, they feel seen and as if someone truly understands their erotic desires.

This also helps to build self-confidence during the act of making love, which can lead to a more intense orgasm and a stronger emotional bond even outside of the bedroom.

We’ve compiled a list of seven sexual positions that use eye contact power to improve intimacy and romantic connection, resulting in better sex and a better overall relationship. Don’t stress about a thing; we’ve got you covered.

1. The lap dance sex

7 Face-to-Face Sex Positions That Improve Emotional Intimacy

The “Lap Dance Sex” position is the queen of sexual positions for increasing closeness. It gives us everything we want from a love relationship.

Sit on your partner’s lap, totally encircling them with your feet on both sides of their body, on a comfy sofa in the living room with soothing music playing in the background.

This posture allows you to constantly monitor your partner’s facial expressions, as they will be able to do so as well. You may kiss as long as you like, cuddle, touch each other’s face and hair, and enjoy the total warmth of sexual contact.

Don’t forget about your surroundings and music while building the perfect environment. Create a lovely ambiance and take advantage of all the passionate lovemaking opportunities available in this position.

2. Upgraded missionary

7 Face-to-Face Sex Positions That Improve Emotional Intimacy

The missionary position is already a well-known one that is frequently used between lovers during sex, but you may not be aware that it is also great for building an emotional connection between partners.

One person must lie on their back while another one approaches from the front of their body. This posture generally involves deep eye contact, constant embracing, and neck and lip kissing, and it gives you access to various regions of your body, including your ass, genitals, belly, back, and so on.

You can exchange roles for an improved missionary position; sometimes you’ll be at the top, and sometimes you’ll be at the bottom. This might assist you in increasing the overall emotional impact of your lovemaking performance.

3. The “At your service” position

7 Face-to-Face Sex Positions That Improve Emotional Intimacy

To get the most out of this sexual position, you must first realize that it does not entail any direct sexual penetration. This sexual position implies satisfying our partner sexually, but without any vaginal or anal entry, at least not with our genitals.

To do this, we must lie on our side next to our lover, while they are resting on their back. Consider this posture to be a form of mutual masturbation activity.

While being in a semi-lying posture next to your partner, you are selflessly meeting all of their wishes and needs. You may use dildos for penetration, nipple sex toys or vibrators for additional stimulation, breast play for total sexual fulfillment, or anything else to make your encounter more enjoyable.

You can do all of this while simultaneously maintaining a focus on your partner’s facial reactions. This posture allows you to kiss at all times while also developing intimacy by touching each other’s bodies. The allure of this position is that you may switch positions at any time, so swap roles after you’ve completely satisfied your partner and brought them to climax with your faultless sexual talents.

When it’s your turn to be sexually fulfilled, lie down with your lover close by. Then it’s up to them to be at your complete service. You may add a small role-play including sexy costumes and extra sex toys to create an even greater mood.

4. The blossoming flower

7 Face-to-Face Sex Positions That Improve Emotional Intimacy

This is a fantastic position for face-to-face intercourse that increases trust and intimacy. Lay on your sides, towards each other, then wrap your upper thigh over your partner’s hips to complete the movement.

Swing them inside and back from you with your leg. The swaying is strangely soothing and may induce orgasm, with you having complete control over the speed, and there’s a lot of close eye contact for added emotional impact.

This posture is ideal for both mutual masturbation and sexual insertion. The primary purpose is to bond and share an intimate moment that can linger for hours if desired.

5. The depth from the rear

7 Face-to-Face Sex Positions That Improve Emotional Intimacy

Approach your lover from the back of their body, easily and gently, while you’re both lying in bed or on another flat, comfy surface. While you’re both positioned in each other’s arms, totally embracing one another, you can penetrate your partner vaginally or anally.

A sexually satisfied partner might move their face towards their lover in this manner, allowing for deep and sensuous eye contact that can linger for as long as they like. This allows you to have an extremely sensuous sexual encounter while also increasing your physical and emotional bond.

6. Standing and snuggling

7 Face-to-Face Sex Positions That Improve Emotional Intimacy

Because having sex while standing up might be difficult, couples frequently overlook and disregard it. But believe us when we say you’re incorrect, and here’s why: Standing sex, when performed correctly, may help deepen your emotional bond by requiring high trust between lovers.

You have to have a lot of faith in someone to allow them to carry you around the room and not let you down while making passionate love to you. Doesn’t it sound incredible? Don’t worry, we’re here to teach you a few tips on how to make this sexual encounter very romantic.

To make it simpler for the other partner to carry them up, one person must climb up on a chair or comparable object in the house. By first raising their bottom and then adjusting their legs, the other partner will pull them into their arms and hold them tightly.

Lean the person you’re holding against a wall or other equivalent surface to make the encounter last even longer. This way you won’t feel the load or pressure of another person’s body, you’ll have a better and clearer approach to sexual penetration, and you’ll be able to go to any other section of your house if you become bored.

This sexual position improves your mutual trust and emotional connection, as well as providing continual eye contact and access to each other’s bodies, which is an excellent approach to improve your entire relationship.

7. The sitting admirer

7 Face-to-Face Sex Positions That Improve Emotional Intimacy

If you want to maximize eye contact in a romantic setting, this is the stance for you. You must both sit down while facing each other, for this pose to operate properly. Then your partner must create a crab-like position with your legs aligned on either side and your hands resting back.

Then get into a leisurely, swaying groove while watching each other get on to it. This position will provide you complete access to each other’s bodies, as well as the ability to kiss and cuddle at any time, allowing you to effortlessly build your bond and make love for as long as you desire.

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