Sex Chairs

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What are sex chairs?

  • Sex chairs, also known as “position enhancing sex furniture,” are a form of durable, weight-supporting object used during different sex acts to encourage and (or) facilitate deeper penetration, better stance protection, and more powerful orgasms for all parties.

How to use sex chairs?

  • Sex chairs are part of sex furniture and are comfortable and easy to use. All of them aim to help you concentrate on enjoyment rather than overexertion. Sex chairs can be used for doggie style, missionary pose, anal sex, and on-top roles. They also aid in harmlessly and adequately angling the head for oral sex.

What do sex chairs look like?

  • There is a broad range of sex chairs available, ranging from inflatable sex chairs to steel-structured sex chairs and all in between: Queening chairs are designed so that one partner sits on the chair while the other practices oral sex from the bottom while laying on the back; chairs – thrones have a high back; sofas (s-chairs); and balls chairs are identical to fitness balls.

Where to buy sex chairs?

  • Our shop is the perfect place to find an ideal and functional sex chair that will satisfy both your and your partner’s needs.