Dragon Dildos

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What makes a dragon dick dildo special?

  • The dragon dick dildo’s popularity stems from its unique and intriguing appearance. This sort of dildo is classified as a fantasy dildo since it resembles a dragon, making it tempting to fiction fans. Some have a scaly texture, while others are twisted, have bright colors, but all of them are extremely textured. It comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, and you can customize it to your liking.

Can I use a dragon dick dildo with a harness?

  • Almost any dragon dick dildo can be used as a strap-on. However, you need to pay attention when choosing, to make sure that the chosen dildo has this feature. Basically, every dragon dick dildo that has a flat bottom can adapt to harness.

Is dragon dick dildo good for anal?

  • Like any other dildo, the dragon dick dildo can be used for anal sex. What should be kept in mind is that this type of dildo is characterized by an extremely accentuated texture, so beginners should pay attention to that fact when choosing, while those who are already accustomed to anal sex have countless options in front of them. When choosing a dragon dick dildo for anal sex, length and thickness should be considered, in addition to texture.