Glass Dildos

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What are glass dildos?

  • Glass dildos are adult glass toys made of tempered glass, which is identical to Pyrex. These glasses are designed to resist high temperatures and will not easily shatter. Since it is made of glass, it is a non-porous sex toy. That means you don’t have to fear pathogens as long as you keep it sterile and tidy between uses.

How safe are glass dildos?

  • Glass dildos contain no toxic chemicals and are hypoallergenic, odorless, and tasteless, making them one of the most body-safe products available. These dildos are solid and highly durable, but dropping them on a hard surface too frequently may cause significant damage. If this happens, you should think about replacing it.

Why are glass dildos better?

  • Some of the advantages of glass dildos: They can be cooled down (10 minutes in the fridge); warmed (in warm water for 10 minutes); you can use any lube; maintenance is super simple; they can last a long time, and a hard glass dildo provides more pressure on vagina/anus walls (and large glass dildo provides even more).

How are glass dildos made?

  • Glass dildos start as a molten hot glob of glass at the end of a long metal spike in a furnace, are then molded and painted before cooling.  Glass dildos are always examined for safety before releasing on the market.