Fetish Lingerie

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Lingerie fetish – what is it?

  • A lingerie fetish is a type of fetish where a person is incredibly aroused by lingerie – means that sexual excitement arises as a result of seeing, sensing, smelling, and envisioning lingerie (i.e., seeing lingerie on the body or watching a person take underwear on or off).

How common is lingerie fetish?

  • Underwear fetishization is quite a widespread fetish. If you or your partner are aroused by lingerie, then there’s nothing you should worry about. Sexual diversity and exploration are normal and balanced activities.

What is fetish lingerie?

  • Fetish lingerie is clothing designed for both men and women (but mostly women) that is explicit and provocative in a fetishistic sense. Although fetish lingerie can be made from various materials, the most popular ones for making this type of lingerie are leather, latex, synthetic rubber or plastic, nylon, spandex, and fishnet. The majority of fetish lingerie is impractical for everyday wear.

Where to get quality fetish lingerie?

  • If you have a lingerie obsession, Emma’s Sex Store is the way to go. Check out our extensive fetish lingerie collection for one-of-a-kind items ranging from fishnet bodysuits to sheer maid uniforms and everything in between. BBW fetish lingerie is also available in our store.