Fetish Fantasy Series The Bigger Bang Thrusting & Rotating Sex Machine | Wireless Remote Control with Ultra Modern Design Erotic Machine Dildo


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Experience the evolution of pleasure with the amazing Bigger Bang Sex Machine! Unlike traditional sex machines that simply thrust in and out, the Bigger Bang Sex Machine uses a proprietary Orb-gasm technology that allows the piston to thrust and rotate simultaneously or independently, delivering incredible climaxes with the performance few machines have ever matched. With its ultra-modern design, cutting-edge controls, and unmatched versatility, this super-compact satisfier is the most advanced plug-in sex machine ever created. With separate controls for thrusting and rotation, and the ability to operate each function independently or simultaneously, you’re in total control of the action. No other sex machine on the market features hundreds of pleasure combinations at your fingertips. Control the sex machine using the circular pad on the top of the machine, or use the handy remote and enjoy the same exact functionality and control as the main unit.

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Dimensions 10.00 × 11.50 × 18.00 cm

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  1. Mike

    Finally!!! I’ve wanted to try this for years, glad I finally gave in. I’ve only used one of the attachments so far, but WOW. It takes solo and couples play to a new level. The speed control is via remote control if you need more or less power. Definitely worth the money spent!

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