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It is time to stop testicular retraction with a simple trick.
  • Also called retractile testicles, Retractile testicles are very common and it merely means that although your testicles hang normally in your scrotum most of the time, they are pulled up by certain muscles into the groin area in certain circumstances. The cremaster muscle pulls the testicle upwards and in some men into the inguinal canal that lies just above and behind the crease at the top of the leg where it joins with the abdomen.
  • Several factors may cause this such as swimming in cold water, during sport or when you are nervous or anxious as a result of stress hormones.
  • The condition may be seen as normal but can become uncomfortable for several men.
  • A ball stretcher is a sex toy that is used to elongate the scrotum and provide a feeling of weight pulling the testicles away from the body. This can be particularly enjoyable for the wearer as it can make an orgasm more intense, as testicles are prevented from moving up. Intended to make one’s testicles permanently hang much lower than before (if used regularly for extended periods of time). Ball stretchers can also be used to treat testicular retraction, as seen on the following section.
Please always consult a doctor before starting any treatments. IF you experience painful, swollen, and/or inflated testicles, a doctor should be consulted before going any further.
  • You can stop your balls retracting by simple wearing an Oxy Ball stretcher. It will secure the balls around a Steel ring which will prevent them to go back inside. Finding the perfect ball weight (or ball weights) for yourself is the most important: a ball stretcher needs to fit you perfectly for the best and most comfortable results. When used correctly, ball weights are effective devices and wearing them can be very satisfying, both physically and emotionally. Again, it’s very useful to take medical advice before you choose to experiment with ball stretching.
  • It is advised to not have sexual intercourse for several days after starting the treatment. Make the stretch gently without bruising tense cords.
  • Before any attempt at ball-stretching is made, we highly suggests a complete physical by a general practitioner. This examination will include examination of the testicles for abnormalities, status of the spermatic cord, a hernia check and blood pressure management. A hernia or heart/blood pressure difficulties make ball-stretching very difficult. A hernia must first completely heal before ball-stretching is attempted and also be aware that a hernia weakens the abdominal wall so that a second hernia is more likely. For persons in this category, very light ball weights should only be used. Heavier weights will exacerbate the hernia condition. Circulatory problems such as high blood pressure or heart disease also complicates ball-stretching. A rock-solid circulatory system (including lymph vessels) is essential in ball-stretching because under certain conditions such as weights/stretcher being too tight and constrictive or too much weight on the testicles, blood flow to the testicles and scrotal sack could possibly be reduced. To compensate for this, the blood pressure and heart activity must be increased which could cause a crisis for those with circulatory system difficulties.

Product Features:

  • The HEAVY DUTY BALL SLEEVE is a restrictive testicle prison made of stainless steel. This perfidious product envelops the penile shaft and keeps the balls in captivity.
  • Several ventilation openings ensure that sweat can run off (alternatively, cables and electrodes can be run through these for electric stimulation). A ring attached below the container for the testicles allows additional weights to be added.
  • Application: Push your balls downward into the testicles container one and after the other through the opening and then push your cock through the opening for the penis shaft before it becomes erect. Using a little bit of lubricating gel put on.
  • The HEAVY DUTY BALL SLEEVE : we make metal products that are usually only available in silicone or other flexible plastics. it meets the needs of men with special desires; men who prefer restrictive sensations and unyielding tightness. Use is at your own risk, as blood congestion can lead to your penis becoming enlarged and make it almost impossible to take this product off.
Product Descriptions:
  • Made from stainless steel, carefully polished by hand
  • Suitable for cock bondage
  • Can be used with all lubricating gels
  • In case of emergency: If you can’t take the steel The HEAVY DUTY BALL SLEEVE off even with lubricating gel because the swelling in your cock won’t go down, causing it to eventually go blue, you should try cooling it down. This can be done by using either wrapping a towel soaked in cold water your cock or using ice cubes to cool it down. If none of this works and if you are experiencing pain, please contact a doctor or the emergency services immediately.
Product Specifications:
  • Model Number: BS-06
  • Item Type: Penis Rings
  • Scrotum Pendant: Testicle Squeezer
Privacy Protect
  • Your privacy is our main goal. All packages are delivered in discreet packaging; additionally, customer details are sealed within our privacy policy.
  • There is no specific indication or labelling on the box that reveals the contents inside.
HEAVY DUTY BALL SLEEVE Scrotum Pendant Testicle Squeezer Device Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers Slave Sex Toys The Balls PrisonHEAVY DUTY BALL SLEEVE Scrotum Pendant Testicle Squeezer Device Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers Slave Sex Toys The Balls PrisonHEAVY DUTY BALL SLEEVE Scrotum Pendant Testicle Squeezer Device Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers Slave Sex Toys The Balls PrisonHEAVY DUTY BALL SLEEVE Scrotum Pendant Testicle Squeezer Device Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers Slave Sex Toys The Balls PrisonHEAVY DUTY BALL SLEEVE Scrotum Pendant Testicle Squeezer Device Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers Slave Sex Toys The Balls Prison

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  1. J***a

    A bit hard to put on. with some lube it will be okay. have not taking it off yet. hopefully that goes well too. nice prodcut

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  2. Customer

    way to small. totally useless!!!

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  3. S***e

    need to use lots of lube to get the balls in first and then push little ine through. feels awesome when wearing it.

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  4. Customer

    too small for me

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