Lifestyles Skyn Non-Latex Condoms- Box of 12, Polyisoprene, Ultimate Sensitivity, Soft, Flexible, Natural Feel, Pre-Lubricated, Ultra-Smooth, Long-Lasting



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New SKYN Condoms from Lifestyles deliver ultimate sensitivity in a breakthrough Polyisoprene non-latex material. This clinically proven non-latex condom is perfect for those allergic and sensitive to latex. 
Lifestyles Skyn Non-Latex Condoms are made soft and flexible for a more pleasurable and ergonomic fit. Designed to enhance sensation and to offer a natural feel, this non-latex condom feels like you are wearing nothing at all!
Unlike with other non-latex condoms, these Lifestyles Skyn Non-Latex Condoms are made with wafer-thin Polyisoprene which makes them as stretchy as latex condoms. They are also ultra-smooth, long-lasting, and pre-lubricated. 
Color: Natural
Comes in a box of 12 condoms.

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  1. Jaydon Serrano

    Best condom!!! Smoother than latex condom, and no latex smell. this condom amazingly stretches well and will snugly fit large sizes and 100% long lasting. Highly Recommended! My partner also loves this product! Must buy. Worth to buy!!!

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