What Is Jelqing and Is It Good For You

What Is Jelqing and Is It Good For You

Tell me something more debate-triggering when it comes to men than their penis size. I’ll wait.No such thing, right?Penis size has been a topic of debate since time immemorial. What is the average size of the erect penis? Is it true that gay men have bigger manhood? What are women’s preferences for penis size? And quite frequently – how can the penis be enlarged?It’s 2021, and the possibilities are endless, so why not have a penis enlargement method that works? That’s what many people are wondering. However, things are complex, and we’ve compiled for you everything you need to know about jelqing – cheap, simple-to-do, and efficient (according to many) methods for increasing penis length. And no worries, if jelqing doesn’t do wonders to your length (and girth), we know what might. And we will share that with you. First, let us introduce you to jelqing. What Is Jelqing The term “jelqing” is a translation of the Persian “jalq zadan,” … Read more

Why Guys Love Female Orgasms?

Why Guys Love Female Orgasms?

Have you ever wondered how guys feel about female orgasms and how they differ from male orgasms? Male orgasms are a pure ejaculation process with arousal and basic sexual tension behind them, but female orgasms are sensuous, intensely erotic, passionate, emotional, and spiritual. Apart from the fact that women appear to be far more attractive than guys during orgasms, we are certain that there is much more to the phrase “men enjoy female orgasms” than meets the eye. Specifically, we are confident that a variety of psychological factors influenced our decision. A man living in a toxic masculinity society likely feels obligated to offer total security to a woman at any cost, which is mirrored in sexual pleasure as well. Do guys believe that if they give a girl a wonderful orgasm, they are showing her that they care about her? Is it a need to control sex, like most things in life, or is it something else entirely? Is … Read more

G-spot In Women: Where Is it and What Does It Do?

G-spot In Women: Where Is it and What Does It Do?

For years, there have been questions and discussions concerning the enigmatic g-spot. The most popular questions we get are whether or not all women have one, if they have more than one, and what the g-spot can do. Yes, all women have a g-spot, even if they have not experienced it in real life. Several erogenous zones, such as ear licking and cunnilingus, are extremely beneficial during sex and foreplay. The G-spot, on the other hand, is the only one that really matters. There are a few tips and tactics for triggering all of the magic that the g-spot may generate in your body. It is perfectly normal to use these if you are not yet aware of all of their advantages. It is never too late to learn more about yourself, and we are here to assist you. Is G-spot a real thing? The G-spot is the major and most efficient erogenous zone that always ensures a woman has … Read more

Which are the best lubes for sex and why they are useful?

Lovemaking is the intimate act that makes partners feel close to each other. While most people take a lot of time to think about the techniques, no one pays much attention to the mechanics. So, many people fail to ask their partner about the comfort and pleasure they feel. For people who wish to have a pleasurable experience with their partner, adding lube to the act can ensure satisfaction. There are different types of lubes based on the diverse sexual needs of the partners. If you are looking for information regarding lubes, then read ahead.   The Need For Lube For sex to offer pleasure, male and female sex organs release lubrication. In women, the vagina becomes wet with mucus when they get aroused, while men release pre-cum for the lubricating effect. This offers assistance while having sex. In women, lubrication is essential for painless and satisfying sex. But, the amount of mucus produced depends on the following:   Menstrual … Read more

Cleaning Tips For The Sex Toys

Cleaning Tips For The Sex Toys Sex toys have become an important list when you wish to spice up your intimate relationship or want to enjoy some self-love. It has become the top-most item to ease stress and relax. It provides a great me-time for people who have no partner to have a sexual relationship. While these are some of the stellar features of the sex toy, these items can also trigger nasty infections when you fail to clean them properly. Cleaning and storing sex toys properly can only lower the risk of bacterial growth that can lead to infections. If you are wondering why and how to clean sex toys, then you have come to the right place. Here you can read about the necessity to clean the toys and the tips for proper cleaning to avoid harmful bacterial manifestations.   Why Should You Clean The Sex Toys? Good hygiene extends to your sex toys too. It is necessary … Read more

5 Little Signs You Are Falling in Love

5 Little Signs You Are In Falling in Love

Love is without a doubt one of the most lovely sensations we experience. The sensation of falling in love to be specific. In and of itself, falling in love has various stages. The phase in which we discover the object of our affection, the period in which we accept and digest the emotions that have been formed in us, and the phase in which we express those emotions. However, before we can go through all of these steps, we must first determine whether we are even in love and how to recognize it. Of course, there are numerous indicators that we are in love, such as butterflies in the stomach, blushing, constantly thinking about the person we adore, clutter, lack of focus, and so on. But what we have never questioned about, is what is going in our bodies and minds that changes the entire structure of our personalities, and no longer puts us in the spotlight, but only that … Read more

Do Straight Men Watch Gay Porn?

The pornographic industry is one of the world’s most important capitals in the economic market. It is a generally known fact that many factors determine the success of this industry in the labor market, but what generally keeps it alive are always the clients for whom the contents and materials are made. Each pornographic site has over 50 different categories, and it’s pretty common that each category is created for one particular part of the audience, but is that explicitly specified? What fits our interests, fetishes, desires and, lusts often vary greatly and depends on several factors, such as psychological, social, physical, sexual, and many others. What satisfaction do we get from watching gay porn? Pornographic videos, for the largest population of straight men, vary from those that come to them as tutorials, to those who are awakening the darkest secrets in their repressed sexuality that they are not aware of in everyday life. For women, the situation is somewhat … Read more

How Animal Dildos are Better than Other Dildos?

According to research, healthy sex will help you in maintaining good health. It will not only relax your mind and body, but it will also maintain good mental health. You can reduce stress levels, boost your immune system, and lower your blood pressure and heart attack risk as well as improving sleep. Nowadays, lack of sexual desire is a major issue. People lose interest in sexual activities due to stress and a busy lifestyle, which also affect their relationships. However, you can revive your sex life with the help of sex toys. Sex toys are designed to increase pleasure and excitement during sexual activities. It helps people in reviving the romance and excitement in the bedroom to boost pleasure effortlessly. There are a variety of sex toys available all over the web including dildos, vibrators, sex machines, and furniture as well. The dildos are one of the popular and highest buying sex toys, which offer dream pleasure to the user. … Read more

11 Unexpected Uses for BDSM Furniture

Are you enjoying your sexual life at fullest? Sex is one of the natural and vital parts of everyone’s life. Regular and healthy sex will keep your relationship alive and happy with your partner as well as promoting good mental and physical health. People often lose interest in sexual activities due to different reasons, which not only affect their relationship but also impact mental health. Everyone desires spice, newness, and excitement in their sexual relationships to hold the interest. The lack of experiment in an intimate relationship is one of the biggest reasons for losing interest. The sex toys introduce an amazing way to pleasure your partner without a fail. This is why you should switch to innovative sex toys and equipment to bring romance back to your life. Gone are the days when a using a sex toy in the bedroom is a taboo as people follow the myths about sex toys as it makes them addicted and ruins … Read more

All You Need to Know About Japanese Onaholes

Why should I buy an Onaholes? You came to the right spot when you asked yourself this question. Onaholes are the Japanese equivalent of masturbators, and they are so famous for some reason. The essential details often distinguish Japanese onaholes from fleshlights or typical pussies like Pocket Pussies. It compares a five-course Sandwich in a costly hotel. It is not difficult to picture cooking, but both are better. Like other goods, onaholes often deliver varying quality ranges of an extensive price range, but even the sex things are also incredibly practical and robust in the lower price range. The demand and competition in Japan are so significant that only content remains, and so for not too much money, you will get a great deal. There are all sorts of onahole varieties in general. To mention just a couple, we have onaholes in the form of blowjob, some with natural teeth. And, of course, there are sited that have large Japanese … Read more