10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

We cannot infer with certainty that there is one standard list of things that may be done in bed, and vice versa, that is banned to do, because there are so many elements that make sex better or worse. Because we are all unique individuals, there is no one-size-fits-all guidebook for sex that applies to everyone on the globe.

That is something we are all well aware of.

However, we can still assert that some tactics and actions are favored over others and that they can improve, if not master, your sexual experience. Women, despite their reputation for being so-called “difficult beings”, are rather easy if you know what you’re doing.

It’s important to note that no matter how often your girlfriend compliments your sex talents and skills, there are always certain things she would want to see done differently. Of course, the internet may assist you in learning about these concepts and putting them into practice, but the first step you should do in this situation is to speak with your partner.

Don’t be afraid to inquire about her preferences and desires during sex. When a round of discussion of only a few minutes may provide you with the most helpful and correct information, you don’t always need days of study and analysis.

However, if you’re still not ready to ask related questions, or if your relationship isn’t serious enough to need lengthy discussions about your deepest aspirations, you’ve come to the right place.

We may not have addressed all of your girlfriend’s sex desires in bed, but with these ten, you can’t go wrong. So, let’s get started.

1. Seductive music

10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

You may believe that your bedroom is already a romantic setting, but nothing is possible in perfect stillness. Once you’ve brought her into your enticing quarters, you must make an effort to create the ideal environment, which will accomplish half the work for you.

Consider it to be a form of foreplay, which it actually is. The environment is the setting in which foreplay takes place, leading to wonderful sex. Fill your bedroom with light, sensuous music, which may be anything from a piano or violin to a simple instrumental sound.

Allow yourself to play any music you choose, but don’t offer anything too frenetic or too characteristic of popular pop music (because your girlfriend will probably know the words of that song, and the last thing you want is to make karaoke out of sex).

2. Liquid courage

10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

Drinking nice, high-quality beverages makes everything simpler. We don’t want to imply that being drunk before sex is a good idea because it might take you in the wrong way, but we can be guided by an ancient adage: we may all need a little liquid courage from time to time.

A luxurious drink made with high-quality ingredients, or an expensive bottle of wine, will set an amazing tone for your foreplay. Your girlfriend will feel very special, as she should, and your scenario will be unlike any other trip to the city.

Your passion for each other will grow stronger with each sip of a wonderful drink. If your girlfriend isn’t a big drinker, offer her a beverage of her choosing; in this situation, the intent is all that matters.

3. No pressure at all

10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

This is a golden rule to follow before choosing a course of action. You should not place any pressure on your partner for any or no reason. Neither for an orgasm (whether it will occur or not), nor for actions with which she is uncomfortable (for example, giving you a blow-job), nor for any other purpose.

Every sex action must be consensual, and both of you must be satisfied with your choices. Sex will be utterly incorrect and will not offer you any joy if you force it on each other.

Feeling free, protected, and appreciated is the most powerful sex craving your girlfriend can have. Don’t make her do something she doesn’t want to do. Her consent does not have to be expressed verbally; it can simply be conveyed by her body language.

She may nod her head in agreement, kiss you, embrace you, or, if she is uncomfortable, she may push you away or change her attitude. Follow these indications with patience and pay attention to her reactions. They will inform you of everything you require, and then there will be no pressure whatsoever.

4. Be a gentleman

10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

Even if you know your girlfriend likes rough sex or anything comparable, you should always begin by being a nice guy who respects and loves her. You never know where your partner wants your present meeting to go, and gallantry should always be the overture in any circumstance.

A decent man looks after his girlfriend, loves her, respects her, attends to her wants, and does all in his ability to make her happy. Make your lady feel like the most important person in the world by being a perfect gentleman. And that is something that every woman deserves and desires.

5. Never underestimate the power of sex toys

10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

You might pleasantly surprise your girlfriend by introducing her to sex toys that you have prepared solely for her enjoyment and sexual stimulation during sex. No lady on the planet would not be delighted by high-quality sex gadgets that may elevate her sexual experience to new heights.

If you use a magic wand (an amazing clitoris stimulator) in sex, for example, you will almost certainly enhance the number of orgasms she experiences. Most women, believe it or not, have severe issues with solely vaginal orgasms and find them quite difficult to attain.

Ordinary vaginal penetration does not always result in an orgasm. A clitoral orgasm, on the other hand, is a sure thing every time you have sex. You won’t be able to quantify how many orgasms your girlfriend will have if you use a clitoral stimulator with vaginal or anal penetration simultaneously.

You may also attempt sex games for an adventurous impact, or bondage gear if she’s into it, in addition to vibrators. Attempt to be inventive, and your efforts will undoubtedly pay off.

6. Cunnilingus: A girl’s best buddy

10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

If you know ahead of time that the girl you’ll be having sex with will not love this specific sexual activity, don’t even try it since it’s pointless. But if she doesn’t say anything, give it a shot because this may be her hidden sex desire.

Slowly lower your body towards her genitals with a distinct indication of oral sex while your foreplay lasts, without applying any pressure. If she tells you she doesn’t want it or pushes away from you, she probably isn’t the appropriate girl for it.

But, in most cases, this is completely acceptable. Oral sex is something that girls like receiving, perhaps even more than giving it, and you should be ready for it at all times.

It doesn’t have to be a big part of the sex, but it may be a fun aspect of the pre-game. If you haven’t done so previously, look up some valuable information on the internet.

You’d be amazed at how useful pornography can be in mastering the technique of cunnilingus. Otherwise, pornographic films depict ridiculous sex standards that are difficult to attain in real life, but cunnilingus is a different matter. Take a look for yourself.

7. Longer foreplay

10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

This stage isn’t always essential, but most women prefer it when the overture to sex lasts a bit longer than it should. Sometimes the explanation is that the vaginal tissue does not moisturize as quickly as one would want, therefore it takes a little longer for the girl to feel completely ready for sexual intercourse.

Sometimes the steps taken before intercourse are more essential than the penetration, and other times the situation is entirely reversed. In any case, don’t jump right into intercourse.

Allow things to happen in their own time, without rushing it. During the foreplay, you have a lot of intriguing things to do, so don’t be afraid to try as many as you can.

In addition to the aforementioned oral sex and playing with sex devices, attempt small role play, fingering, anal play, dirty talk, and so on, to complete the cycle of foreplay in its truest form.

8. Open-minded partner

10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

You may arrange a sexual meeting with a lady for days, but you never know what will happen until it actually occurs. You may have specific expectations, preferences, ambitions, or plans, but once you meet that particular girl, they may all alter in an instant.

It is critical to be open-minded if your partner has entirely different, unanticipated intentions. Be open to new experiences and ideas. She may urge you to do things you’ve never done before, but that doesn’t mean you should be conservative and say no to everything she suggests.

Consider her offerings and be ready to be bold and impulsive. Of course, if you are requested to perform something with which you are not at all comfortable, you have the right to reject.

However, in the majority of situations, it is a good idea to relax and enjoy the moment. You could be pleasantly surprised at how things may work out in the end.

9. Stay protected

10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

Even if you don’t like condoms or other kinds of contraception, this isn’t an option; it’s a need. For a few hours of pleasure and penetration, no lady wants to be exposed to the possibility of an unexpected pregnancy.

Of course, you can inquire as to whether she wishes you to protect yourself, but we believe that this inquiry is superfluous because the answer is nearly always the same. Unless they are extremely certain about wanting to be moms, girls always seek protection.

This isn’t a topic you should bring up right at the start of your relationship, but if you want to be certain, you may inquire.

Allowing yourself to make a woman think about these things is not a good idea, because, in most situations, the guy is completely responsible. Of course, women may use contraception as well, but it’s often unneeded when a guy is protected, or it’s only a supplement to male contraception.

In any case, sex will be a lot nicer when the lady is completely calm and unconcerned about anything. You don’t want to have sex without a condom since the girl would always be anxious and stressed out. What good would that do?

10. Be generous and selfless

10 Sex Cravings All Women Have In Bed

Forget about your penis for a while, believe us. Be very attentive with the things you do to your girlfriend during foreplay or the getting-to-know-each-other phase before sex. Make her pleased with all of your attention.

Don’t only focus on when the girl will touch your penis, offer you oral sex, or desire penetration; go above and beyond to make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. While the foreplay is still in progress, forget about yourself for a while.

Complement her figure, her amazing fragrance, or her general appearance. Lightly touch her body, offer her amazing oral sex, make gentle motions with her genitals, and excite her to the fullest.

If you devote yourself to her needs, she will almost certainly satisfy yours.

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