15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

People have been looking for diverse methods to satisfy their sexual needs since ancient times when human sexuality became a natural phenomenon with its formula, definition, and explanation.

There were no contemporary, perfectly made, and designed sex toys available at the time, as one might anticipate. The earliest individuals who chose to gratify their sexual, animal inclinations did so using a variety of inventive creations that replaced what we now know as vibrators, butt-plugs, dildos, and other similar devices.

Similarly, we are capable of doing what others have done in the past. Many modern-day folks choose to build and design their sex toys out of what they already have at home rather than purchasing them.

Some do it because they don’t want to buy sex toys at all, others because they can’t afford them, and yet others because they don’t want them, but the truth remains that we all have objects in our houses that may be converted into sex toys. You’ve undoubtedly all been in a position when you needed to satisfy your sexual desires immediately but didn’t have a sex toy on hand.

Then we select to utilize more imaginative, original, and unique products to perform their part. If you haven’t been in that position yet, this article will undoubtedly help you broaden your horizons when it comes to sex toys.

Following that, you will undoubtedly see sex toy-like items all around the house, and we will explain which ones are clever, helpful, and pleasant to use. Stay with us; things are about to get a lot more exciting.

Paperclips as nipple clamps

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

If you enjoy a little agony during sexual activities and desire high-quality, premium nipple clamps, fear not: you can manufacture them yourself at home with only using paperclips.

Whether you are a newbie to BDSM games or a seasoned professional, paperclips will easily substitute nipple clamps and provide that “extra squeeze” we all crave.

A face roller as a sensual body massager

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

You’re in luck if you’re looking for a sensuous and exotic foreplay sex toy that will arouse your desires and increase your physical arousal to a whole new level. Use your face roller for a thrilling sexual experience. Are you curious as to how?

Simply place it in the freezer for a few minutes (for an additional chilly feeling on a warm body), take a relaxing shower, and begin with a gentle massage on some of the erogenous zones. These can be your breasts (particularly the region beneath them), thighs, the area behind your knees, your feet, or wherever else you choose and feel comfortable.

Just remember to thoroughly wash and clean it before putting it back on your face.

Food as a teasing sex toy for couples

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

Food may be a wonderful replacement for pricey sex toys from stores if you’re seeking toys with which you can tease each other during sex or foreplay. Exotic, enticing fruits, such as strawberries or grapes, sweets, such as melting chocolate and ice cream, or fatty meals, such as pizza or burgers, can all be used.

You can eat food from your partner’s body, experiment with it in various ways, and maybe even fulfill some crazy sexual fantasies you didn’t know you had along the road. Be inventive and uninhibited.

A dog leash as a part of BDSM gear

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

If you adore BDSM but don’t have the funds to purchase all of the necessary BDSM equipment, don’t panic; your concerns have been resolved. Make use of your creativity and seek equipment in unexpected locations.

Among the goods and supplies for your dog, for example. That’s right, you read that correctly. You can uncover true gems among your dog’s accessories, such as a leash or a collar.

Both of those items are far less expensive than actual human BDSM accouterments, and most of us already have a large number of them at home.

A wooden spoon as a spanking device

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

This intriguing device from the BDSM genre is readily replaceable with stuff we already have in our households. Whips, specially made gloves, paddles, ticklers, and other classic sex toys might be used for spanking.

But, if you don’t have any of those items, a basic wooden spoon from your kitchen would suffice. Simply grasp it by the handle and utilize the side supplied for feeding, mixing, and anything else this home gadget is used for.

You’ll save a lot of money, and the sensation could even be better than with traditional sex toys.

Mints as oral sex boosters

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

While there aren’t many devices in the world of sex toys that can directly improve a good old-fashioned blow-job, this one may be useful. Look through your kitchen drawers for a bag of refreshing mints.

Place one in your mouth, suck it for a few minutes, and then give your man a blow-job. In your mouth, there will be a cooling and heating sensation that will be the perfect tingling effect on your man’s penis.

This may be a fantastic boost for oral sex as well as a unique sexual experience.

A sleep mask as a BDSM blindfold

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

Keeping with the kooky theme, we’d like to present you with a new BDSM gear item that you may find in your own home: a sleep mask. Blindfold games are perfect for you if you’ve ever wanted to experience one of the sex games with minor BDSM elements.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on blindfolds made of latex, black leather, or other costly materials. Simply put on your sleeping mask and play a sensory game that will increase arousal and almost certainly result in orgasm.

Baby oil as a luxurious massage oil

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

It’s not a terrible thing to be on a budget; thus, if you can’t afford pricey, luxurious heating oils for passionate sexual massages, don’t panic. We understand that there are many options and that everything is enticing and intriguing, but if you want, you can currently settle for something a little less expensive and more traditional.

You almost certainly have baby oil on hand, and it may be a great complement to a sensual massage in this scenario. You may softly heat it over a low flame and drip it over your partner’s body, rubbing it on all of their erogenous zones, for an additional sexual impact, producing the ideal foreplay that will lead to even greater sex.

Simple home furnishings as sex furniture items

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

You’ve certainly heard of the phenomenon known as “sex furniture,” which is a term that refers to any form of furniture that is extremely helpful, practical, and appropriate for different sexual activities. We’re talking about various love chairs, sex pillows, bouncing dildo balls, and so on.

Many of these items are useful, but they are also prohibitively pricey, making them extravagant and unneeded. Still, don’t be afraid to experiment; with a little inspiration and ingenuity, you may transform your ordinary house furnishings into fashionable sex accessories.

A basic wooden chair might come in handy for a doggie or (reverse) cowgirl sexual position. An old dining table may easily be used for a missionary posture. When put beneath the lower back during sex, a thick cushion that always rests on the couch in the living room might be taken for an expensive sex pillow meant for improved oral sex.

Take a look around your house and consider how your everyday furnishings may be useful during sex. When you understand how many alternatives you have, you will undoubtedly be astonished.

Coconut oil as lube

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

Coconut oil is effective as a lubricant for sexual interactions, as long as it is not used in conjunction with latex condoms since the oil might cause them to break and disintegrate.

Furthermore, this dietary supplement and product are entirely safe for usage in the vaginal and anal regions. It’s even safe to say that it’s even healthier than most common lubricants in big quantities.

A hairbrush as a dildo

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

Despite its odd and amusing appearance, this object may readily be used as an improvised dildo. It’s also extremely straightforward and practical to use. Simply place a condom on a hairbrush handle and begin using it for vaginal or anal penetration.

You may use another comparable object, such as a dildo-looking piece of a rolling pin if the form of the handle isn’t penis-like enough. Have a great time and be creative.

However, remember that not everything that resembles a penis may be used as a dildo. But If you still decide to be courageous and to take a chance, make sure to wear a condom with whatever you use.

An electric toothbrush as a vibrator

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

Now that we’ve taken care of the dildos, we’ll move on to the vibrator replacements. An electric toothbrush, which may be, and in most circumstances is, a great alternative for a vibrator, is the most frequent buzzing device we have at home.

When you start using an electric toothbrush, while simply leaning it against your clitoris for a full sexual impact, your masturbation will be permanently transformed.

Simply wash the whole brush with warm water and soap before using it, as you are still exposing it to the most delicate regions of your body, which you must protect.

A belt as BDSM handcuffs

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

If you’re a fan of the BDSM scene, you already know that no BDSM sexual activity is complete without a nice set of handcuffs. Although they may be purchased at any store that sells sex toys and equipment, they are generally highly costly pieces of BDSM equipment.

The only thing you’ll need is an old belt if you want to construct them yourself. You can seek simple, brief instructions on the Internet if you’re not sure how to bind your partner’s hands with a belt, but we’re certain that you’ll figure it out without anyone else’s help.

One half should be wrapped around the bed’s edge, while the other should be knotted around your partner’s wrists. Then tighten it up and leave it like that until they figure out how to get out of it.

You will not be disappointed, and you will never look for genuine, traditional handcuffs ever again.

Stack of pillows for vaginal stimulation

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

Stack a few pillows together and spin on top of them during masturbation, or place a load beneath your hips during intercourse to feel even more entered. Feel free to hump them fiercely as you cruise to a thrilling climax.

A head scarf as a gag

15 Homemade Sex Toys You Probably Already Have

If you want to be super creative, your favorite hair scarf can be used as a gag, or to bind your partner with their approval. Simply wrap it around your partner’s head in the region surrounding the mouth such that one end of the scarf goes straight into the oral cavity, prohibiting him from speaking, making any sounds, or moving his lips and cheeks.

You may also use it to bound your partner’s arms, legs, or other body parts during sex that you both agreed on.

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