15 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions (Plus a Few Extras)

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a gal looking to spice things up or just enhance your sex life with another woman. We have a special treat in store for you.

When you want to enhance your sex for you and your lovely lady, the first thing you should do is work on your sexual positions. Of course, we’re all familiar with certain basic lesbian sex positions, such as a 69’er, but sex evolves throughout time, and we need to keep up.

Even if you have never had a lesbian encounter before, it’s still a good idea to prepare yourself, just in case. If you ever decide to attempt anything new, these techniques will undoubtedly put you in the greatest possible light and forever alter your game.

These positions are in high demand, so try out as many as you can. Let’s get straight to it without further ado, shall we?

1. Facesitting

Lesbian Sex Positions

It’s time to give the good old cunnilingus a new lease on life. Meet vagina licking in an all-new form: a face-to-face posture in which the lady is directly attached to you, with her vagina resting on top of your mouth.

This position may be the focal point of sex, as well as an important element of foreplay.

2. The big slider

dual stimulation position

Allow the girl to sit on your lap as you tuck your hand between both of your genitals (use lubricant on your fingers if required or if her vagina isn’t wet enough) and begin entering her with one finger while working her clitoris with the other.

This is a dual stimulation position, and your first and middle fingers should be V-shaped so that one may be positioned inside of her vagina, and the other on the clitoris. Depending on where you’re seated, you can emphasize kissing her neck or holding her closely around her waist with your other hand.

3. The doggy

Everything is possible with a great, massive strap-on. You can turn any conventional sex position into a lesbian sex position if you are into sex toys. This one in particular.

Doggy is one of the most popular sex positions for guaranteed orgasms, and you can perform it anywhere with your girl.

4. Kitchen Counter Sex

Kitchen Counter Sex

The emphasis in this sex position is on the location rather than the technique, although you must admit that locations play an important part in excellent sex.

Set your girlfriend up on the kitchen counter, butt-naked, while you please her by sitting beneath her on the floor. For even more pleasure, spread her legs wide and lay them on your shoulders or your back.

The change of scenery itself stimulates and motivates you to try new things, while your access to her vagina is unrestricted. You have the option of putting your fingers inside her, performing oral sex or Analingus, or using a sex toy of your choice.

5. Side-by-side anal

Side-by-side anal

If we already enjoy sex toys in lesbian sex, we should make the most of them. If your lady is up for some new experiences, try this position.

One girl must lie on her right or left side, while the other one approaches from behind with the strap-on already in place. Although this position may be difficult to achieve with vaginal intercourse, it is excellent for anal and ensures a flawless climax.

If you want to try vaginal penetration from this angle, all you have to do is leave one leg of your girlfriend lowered on the bed while lifting the other one slightly in the air, simply to have a better view of the vagina; and flawless sex is now officially possible.

6. Working it all at once

gently massaging her clitoris

Ask your girlfriend to lie on her back, open her legs wide, and gently approach the vagina. Start entering her with your left hand’s fingers (as many as she wants, because quantity doesn’t matter in excellent sex), while gently massaging her clitoris with your right hand’s moist thumb.

While still sexually pleasing her, you could start softly leaning your body onto her’s and working on her nipples from this angle.

You can cover all erogenous zones with this position and give your sweetheart the fantastic climax she deserves.

7. Double-ended dildos

This is a fairly common position, and all you need is a brand new sex toy with two dildos combined into one large one (usually known as a double-sided dildo), so you can both be satisfied. If buying sex toys at a local sex store makes you uncomfortable, you may always get them online and avoid any discomfort.

For this position, all you need to do is to align your bodies in the manner that best fits you, then place a double dildo between you both and start using it simultaneously.

Because you are primarily physically separated in this posture, a small exchange of touches or kisses might help you connect more deeply.

8. Mutual Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation

Try this position if penetration (vaginal or anal) isn’t your thing in sex and you’re looking for something a little less intense.

Both of you should lie down on your backs, come near to each other, and touch each other’s vaginal areas. Use the same motions that you would use when masturbating.

9. Diving in

juicy vagina

Encourage your girlfriend to lie on her back with her legs spread wide open and begin tasting her delectable and juicy vagina.

In a romantic and sexual environment, good old cunnilingus is certainly the best option.

Pay special attention to her clitoris, rub it with your tongue, and use as much saliva as possible until her vagina is sufficiently wet for enjoyable oral sex.

10. Double hand penetration

Make your girlfriend get down on her hands and knees, approach her from behind, and take her on an adventure.

With one hand, put one or two fingers in her anus (be sure to use lubrication first), and with the other, penetrate the vagina. You may occasionally switch things up by rimming her.

Occasionally scratch her back softly with your fingernails while in a doggy position, or gently pull her hair (if she’s into light BDSM) to awaken her desires and relax her genitals for the finest sex possible.

11. The daring gymnast

cow-girl position

Sit on top of your lover with your back towards her front. Your girl should be lying on her back for this one. You’ll obtain a classic reverse cow-girl position if you utilize your strap-on for this one.

If sex toys aren’t your thing, you may just start fingering your partner while she has full access to do the same to you.

12. Classic scissors

This is an oldie but a goodie for the lesbian sex experience.

Bring your vagina closer to your girlfriend’s vagina and begin stroking them together, ensuring strong clitoris contact.

13. Strap-on missionary

Strap-on missionary

With your strap-on, you may enjoy all of the benefits of the classic missionary posture.

From the front, approach your partner, spread her legs wide open, and slowly glide into her. This position is ideal for increasing emotional and physical connection during sex, which will benefit your relationship in the long run.

14. Nipple games

Nipple games

If penetration isn’t your thing, there’s another excellent sexual position to try. This posture is great since you can perform it both lying down and sitting down, and it’s all about your girlfriend’s boobs.

Start by caressing her breasts lightly, then run your tongue over her nipples for a gentle overture. After that, you can continue by licking her nipples, kissing the region surrounding her breasts, or simply playing with your tongue all around.

You can’t go wrong with any of the techniques. You can add fingering to liven things up if this position is nothing more than foreplay for you.

15. Standing Officer

While your girlfriend is standing up, lean her body against the wall, then approach her on your knees and begin performing oral sex on her.

If you turn her against the wall with her back towards you, you may add fingering or strap-on insertion in this position.

Foreplay can also involve breast play, body and neck kissing, and other sexual activities.

Honorable mentions

16. The clit dancer: Sit directly on your partner’s pelvic area in this face-to-face posture so that both of your clits may engage with one other. Begin rubbing them together and making humping motions.

pelvic area

17. Shower sex: Make the most of your strap-allure on’s by enjoying amazing shower sex. Depending on the size of your bathtub, you may do it standing up, sitting down, or in a doggie posture.

Shower sex Lesbian Sex Positions

18. The seated princess: Kneel and invite the lady to join you by leaning her back on your pelvic area. To get the most out of your sexual encounter, you can utilize either fingering or a strap-on insertion.

The seated princess Lesbian Sex Positions

19. The lawnmower: Hold your girlfriend’s legs high in the air with just her hands against the floor to support her body weight. You’re entering her from behind, literally lifting her feet into the air. Because your hands are so occupied keeping her up, it’s better to utilize strap-on penetration for this one.

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