17 Essential Dating Tips For Men

Although dating might be difficult, we must admit that it is one of the most fascinating aspects of any relationship. Every successful (and not-so-successful) relationship started with an innocent and intriguing acquaintance at some time.

Sometimes we meet new individuals through common friends or at events; other times, we meet new people in entirely unexpected locations, such as the supermarket. But, regardless of where that meeting occurs, no one can prepare us for how to respond when we meet someone we like.

Such events are always extremely impromptu, which is part of the thrill of dating. But if you’ve settled on a safer approach, such as learning how to date correctly and like a pro, we’re here to assist you. Of course, when it comes to meeting new people, women’s guidelines differ significantly from men’s.

Men and women hail from two separate worlds, but we’ve come to bring them together. If you’re a man in his prime who wants to forever alter the way he dates, if you want to meet the love of your life and have her fall in love with you as soon as she meets you, pay attention to the 17 most important pointers we can give you.

1. You don’t have to be such a nice guy all the time

dating tips for men

It’s necessary to spice things up now and then. Of course, a good upbringing and lovely manners are valuable assets for women, but there are occasions when you need to display your darker side. If you plan on having sex with your new girl, make sure to spice things up a bit. You can either use some exciting sex games or introduce her to some light BDSM toys.

We’re not talking about being impolite; we’re talking about demonstrating to a lady you adore that you’re a bold man who would fight for her.

We need to demonstrate to that lovely lady that you are not just a nice guy, but a serious man who understands what he wants and how to achieve it.

2. Focus on just one woman

dating advice for men

Stop chasing other women and focus only on her if you’ve already discovered a girl who has driven you insane and flipped your world upside down. No woman wants to be in a serious relationship with a f ** k boy. Be a gentleman and avoid having any affairs on the side.

Demonstrate that you are a man of words and trustworthiness.

3. Be the best version of yourself

Don’t try to be someone you’re not since ladies can pick up on inconsistencies right away. Be cool and natural, as if you’ve known the girl for years. Make every effort to be your best self, and love presenting yourself in the best light possible.

This is not the gal for you if she doesn’t like you for who you are.

4. Be confident

dating advice guys

Self-confidence is what attracts women the most and is the most valuable attribute you may have. You must exude the most lovely vibe imaginable as if you were a man who adores himself and his life.

You have to convince her that you are a man who works hard to uphold his decisions and is never afraid to express his self-assurance. Of course, don’t be arrogant in your approach.

Self-assurance mixed with modesty is the best asset you can have.

5. Communication is the key to success

date tips for guys

You must learn to speak flawlessly with the lady you like when you’re on a date with her. This does not imply that you simply talk, but rather that you actively and attentively listen to your date, ask probing questions, and show real interest in the issue she is discussing.

Don’t simply sit there silently nodding your head in agreement with everything your girlfriend says. Participate in the conversation.

6. Work on your presentation

date tips for men

The most crucial impression is the first one. When it comes to dating a lady for the first time, several elements might work against you or in your favor.

For a sumptuous dinner date, exquisite clothing, an expensive watch, a refined scent, and a pair of classic black shoes are always the right match.

Try to be romantic while also being cool and collected at the same time. Maybe even think about getting her a sexy present for a second or third date. 

7. Whatever you do, don’t be possessive

Don’t be that person, please. Accept defeat if it occurs, or seek to build tolerance and empathy for your girlfriend’s life up to that point.

You should never ask about her ex-boyfriends, if she’s presently seeing someone else, or if she’s doing anything she “shouldn’t” if you’re still dating. A relationship’s foundation is built on trust, and you don’t want to get out on the wrong foot.

Don’t hurt her feelings, and don’t pursue her down if she decides to go. Allow everything to happen at its own pace, and allow your partner to make her own decisions. Allow yourself to go with the flow.

8. Be spontaneous

be yourself

It’s a good idea to avoid planning your date down to the last detail. Relax, live in the moment, and let your fate take its course.

Allow certain things to unfold naturally; the woman of your dreams will undoubtedly appreciate this part of you.

Instead of going out to a posh restaurant for dinner, get her some greasy street food and meet her at a city park. Alternatively, take her somewhere entirely unexpected. Trust us, she will be amazed.

9. Stay in touch after the first date

dating tips to know

You don’t have to wait seven to ten days following your date to call her or send her a message. This isn’t the 1990s, and ladies won’t wait that long for you.

Feel free to contact her the day afterward your date to inquire about her day, what she’s up to, and if she has anything scheduled for the evening.

Say you enjoyed your previous date and can’t wait to see her again. Be enthusiastic about it.

10. Be cool about rejection

Don’t be a drama queen if your date doesn’t go well and the lady you like decides she doesn’t want anything to do with you. Accept the defeat like a man and move on.

You can inquire as to why she took that decision, but only to learn what went wrong. Don’t get worked up, don’t make a scene, don’t cause a fuss, and don’t be theatrical. Thank her for your time together and wish her all the best in the future.

11. Take it slowly at the beginning

best dating tips for men

When you meet a girl for the first time, don’t expect everything to happen in a day or two.

It takes time to get to know each other. Allow her time to get to know you and fall in love with you; rushing things will only drive her away from you.

12. Flirt with Finesse

Flirt with Finesse

Flirting well entails taking your dating game to the next level. To totally wow the girl the first time you meet her, talk to your friends, learn some new tactics, create self-confidence, and go through fundamental flirting strategies. Do your research.

13. Keep your friends out of your relationship

keep friends out of your relationship

We understand your desire to instantly brag to your buddies about how you went on a date with the perfect girl and are head over heels in love. A gentleman, on the other hand, does not kiss and tell.

Keep in mind that no matter how much you trust your friends, they may only hurt your chances of having a good connection with a lady you adore. You don’t want anyone interfering with your judgments and actions.

14. Stop being so stressed out

It makes no difference if your dating life is entirely different from your friends’, coworkers’, or neighbors’. Don’t compare yourself to others since their lives are so unlike yours. Don’t give up if you need more time to find the girl of your dreams or if every date you go on is a catastrophe.

Your five minutes will arrive, so make the greatest version of your life you can till then.

15. Forget about your ex girls

When you’re dating a new girl, never, and we mean never, bring up your ex-girlfriends. She’s not interested in your background, and we’re sure that’s a big turn-off for her. If you really must bring up your ex-girl for any reason, at the very least avoid comparing her to this current one.

By doing so, you are sabotaging yourself and presenting yourself as a man who has not yet overcome his past, which means that he is by no means ready for his future.

16. Don’t be ashamed to be emotional

men can be emotional

We’re not asking you to cry in the cinema with your new girlfriend while seeing a romantic comedy, but make sure she understands your sensitive side. Talk about how you feel about certain occurrences in your life, and talk about your struggles as easily as you talk about your triumphs.

Men that are in touch with their feminine side are simply adored by women.

17. Be honest at all times

date with honesty

Be truthful in all you do. Answer honestly and without remorse whatever she asks. Don’t lie about yourself to make the girl love you more or fall in love with you sooner. The truth will eventually come to light, and you may lose all you have fought so hard for.

Try not to lie about anything from the start, no matter how nasty or unpleasant the reality is. Your life is already great, and if this girl likes you, she will always support you no matter what.

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