32 Amazing Facts About Sex Toys I Guarantee You Didn’t Know

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard everything there is to know about vibrators, dildos, sex machines, and other sex toys, I appear with astonishing facts about sex toys that I’m confident you didn’t know.

I gathered all the fascinating facts in one spot, from the fact that people used dildos even when living in caves to the fact that someplace a law dictates how many vibrators one person may have. You’ll be surprised what else there is.

Take a look at the following list and let us know in the comments how much (if at all) you already knew from these little-known facts about sex toys.

32. It seems that our ancestors who lived in caves were familiar with the joys of dildos

According to experts, a carved and polished penis discovered in Germany (in a cave) is one of the oldest depictions of male sexuality ever discovered. The stone item is 7.8 inches long and 1 inch wide, and it is estimated to be 28,000 years old.

Guess these guys knew how to enjoy life. And we thought they were only chasing preys and painting caves.

31. Ancient Greeks and bread in the shape of a phallus

Dildos are said to have been made from leather, wood, and even bread by the ancient Greeks. Penis-shaped loaves had their name: “olisbokollikes”.

The gluten-free variant existed too, and was referred to as “olisboi,” and Greek soldiers were known to hand them to their spouses before heading to war.

I guess Kourtney K would gladly use those gluten-free ones if she used to live in ancient Greece.

30. One of the first vibrators ever invented, France and the 18th century

The tremoussoir, one of the first vibrator models, was invented in 1734 in France and was used by doctors to cure ladies afflicted with hysteria.

By the 1750s, the tremoussoir had found its way to America.

Can you picture the terrifying Victorian age and thus the appearance of vibrators?

29. Electro-mechanical vibrator for men

An Electro-mechanical Vibrator was patented by Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville in 1880. The equipment, formerly known as “Granville’s hammer,” was produced and sold to physicians to treat muscular pains. It was never intended for use on women or to treat hysteria, as widely believed.

Dr. Granville created the vibrator as a medical device for males to use on a variety of body areas. Vibrating men’s perineum to alleviate impotence was the sole sexual application he recommended. Dr. Granville’s book on the development of the electric vibrator depicts him solely using it on males.

28. Vibrators vs. hysteria

Doctors first utilized vibrators to treat hysteria in ladies, which manifested as “anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, agitation, sexual fantasies, feelings of heaviness in the lower abdomen, and dampness between the legs.”

It might be said that we all use a vibrator these days for the same symptoms.

27. Free genital massage for hysteric ones

Doctors used to treat “hysteria” by rubbing vegetable oil on their palms and massaging female genitals until they reach big O, before the invention of vibrators.

26. Vibrator as a home device

Hamilton Beach was the first to patent an electric vibrator in 1902. After the sewing machine, tea kettle, toaster, and fan, it was the first home device to be electrified. Vibrators, on the other hand, were marketed as “personal massagers” to remain undetectable.

25. Short fame

Vibrators were removed from advertising far into the 1970s after they began appearing in porn movies in the 1920s.

24. In India, sex toys are prohibited.

Life is unfair.

23. Situation in America is awesome

A vibrator is owned by one in every three American women. Ladies, apparently, do not like to wait for guys to satisfy them.

22. A vibrator has been used by 52.5 percent of women at least once in their lives.

At least once, but I don’t believe anyone will stop at the first use.

21. Sweet Home Alabama

In Alabama, sex toys are prohibited from being sold in stores because, according to the assistant attorney general in 1999, “there is no basic right for a person to purchase a gadget that produces orgasm.”

20. You have to own less than six sex dildos if you live in Texas

In Texas, owning more than six dildos is illegal. Distribution of any equipment “designed or promoted as helpful mainly for the stimulating of human genital organs” is subject to a fine of up to $10,000 or a year in jail under the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act.

It is unlawful in Texas not just to sell them, but also to merely possess six or more, as this indicates that you may be planning on selling them.

19. Hairstylists and makeup artists are paid to keep sex dolls looking beautiful and updated with the latest trends

Then it is not surprising that they are all so sweet and attractive.

18. The most popular dildo shapes are not penis-like

Rather, they’re shaped like animals or animal parts. If you are a fan too, check out Emma’s Sex Store‘s exceptional offer of animal dildos.

17. Vibrators and dildos may not be the most selling sex toys on the market

Lube, unexpectedly, sells more than these two. Well, it makes sense. Not everyone needs an additional tool for penetration, but almost anyone can get dry down there.

16. Sex toys sales grow during the financial crisis

The sex toy business is never affected by a crisis since there is always a need for them! Sales, on the other hand, grow during a financial crisis. It has already occurred.

15. Back massager fashioned like a microphone

In the 1970s, Hitachi, a Japanese manufacturer, created a back massager fashioned like a microphone. I’m sure it’s clear to you that people quickly came up with the idea of how to use this massager.

14. The origin of the rabbit vibrator

After appearing in the Sex And The City series, the sex device known as “the rabbit vibrator” became famous. It originated in Japan, and the sex toy is modeled like a rabbit because it was prohibited in Japan to make a sex toy that looked like a penis.

13. China is thought to create 70% of all sex toys on the globe.

Well, although, astonishingly, they have such a primacy over the production of sex toys, it is still not surprising, considering that even the iPhone is assembled in China.

12. It is prohibited to manufacture sex toys in three countries

In India, South Africa, and Malaysia one can’t manufacture any type of sex toys. That’s why online shopping comes in handy.

11. Paid to try sex toys

Some businesses pay people between the ages of 20 and 45 to experiment with, test, and determine which sex toy is the most popular.

10. Steely Dan

American rock band Steely Dan was named after a strap-on from William S. Burroughs’ novel Naked Lunch.

9. Clitoral orgasm matter

Toys are used by 83.8 percent of sex toy consumers for clitoral orgasms, compared to 64 percent who use dildos or strap-ons.

8. South Dakota, Idaho, and West Virginia are the three leading sex toy states

This is based on sex toy sales per person.

If you have friends from these states, check it out yourself.

7. Men are unconcerned with sex toys

In a 2011 LiveScience survey, over half of the participants agreed with positive claims regarding sex toys, while only 10% agreed with negative.  Per the same survey, 37% of women say men were frightened by women’s vibrator utilization, whereas 70% of men were completely unconcerned with sex toys.

6. Sex toys and vaginal health

According to studies, females who use sex toys are more likely to undergo pelvic examinations and care more about their vaginal health, than those who are not familiar with sex toys utilization.

This may be because the users of sex toys are more liberated, so visiting a gynecologist is not an unpleasant experience for them. And we all know that it can be quite uncomfortable for women to visit a gynecologist.

5. Using a vibrator positively correlates with the quality of sexual life

On the Female Sexual Function Index scale (FSFI), women who used vibrators scored higher, meaning their sexual life is more quality.

4. What do James Deen, Ron Jeremy, and Rammstein members have in common?

Famous porn actors like James Deen and Ron Jeremy, as well as other celebrities, have their penis-like duplicates in a form of a dildo.

Members of Rammstein (German band) can find dildos shaped after their dongs too.

3. $55,000 for a sex toy

A $55,000 white gold vibrator with 117 inlaid diamonds is the world’s most valuable sex toy.

2. 50 Shades of Grey influence (part one)

Bondage gear & accessories sales allegedly surged by 50% after the success of 50 Shades of Grey.

1. 50 Shades of Grey influence (part two)

Ben Wa balls, which are used for Kegel exercises, have seen a 350 percent increase in sales as a result of the above-mentioned series.

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