Master the Art of Using Anal Beads With These 9 Tips

One can find fantastic toys for pleasure in the mystical realm of sex toys. Those who love the benefits and joys of anal intercourse are not forgotten either in this world full of excitement.

There are several gadgets for fans of this sort of sex that will wow them with their capabilities and the amount of pleasure they offer. One of these things is anal beads.

Anal beads aren’t butt plugs or prostate massagers, by the way.

Here’s what they are, what makes them unique and popular among anal stimulation enthusiasts, and how to use them like a pro.

What are anal beads and how do they differ from butt plugs?

Anal beads are a pretty simple plaything: it consists of a string on which beads are strung and a handle/loop at the other end that serves to keep the toy from getting lost “somewhere inside”. The beads are usually ball-shaped (and they are getting bigger from the top to the bottom), but these shapes can also be oval. Anal beads can be of various lengths, depending on how deep penetration you want. Also, beads can be the size of a clicker and the size of a tennis ball. It depends on who likes what.

The whole point of this sex toy is in pulling it out. Unlike the butt plug, which serves to provide a feeling of fullness, or the prostate massager, which is used to find and stimulate the P-spot with its help, this toy provides pleasure when the “pop” sound is heard.

Some people wear anal beads for a couple of hours during daily activities, but that is not really recommended.

How to use it like a pro?

It sounds simple — you insert the thing into the “back hole” and pull it back and forth. Well, that’s exactly how the process should look, but there are some things to keep in mind for it to be done perfectly. We have summarized the whole process in nine points that will allow you to run everything smoothly, and most importantly — with maximum pleasure. Take notes dear.

1. Enema matters

Master the Art of Using Anal Beads With These 9 Tips

Let’s start with enemas.

As for anal sex, this step is desirable and advised, to avoid undesirable situations (brown spots at the very least) and unnecessary cleaning after the action.

At least today this process is simple — you get yourself one of the anal douches (you can see the excellent offer at Emma’s Sex Store), see the tutorial on youtube and the matter is resolved.

This way you will be sure that everything will go as it should, hygienically and without the nastiness.

If anal sex can greet you unprepared, play with anal beads completely ready and “cleaned”. And, hey! The enema is generally healthy. Kill two birds with one stone.

2. The more baby wipes the better (and safer)

Master the Art of Using Anal Beads With These 9 Tips

Even if you do an enema before using anal beads, the undesirable may remain in the colon here and there. So just in case, have a pack of baby wipes and even a towel with you.

It is unquestionable to have this with you if you did not enema yourself before the main act. Things can really get messy. It doesn’t have to mean that feces will appear, but you are still teasing the large intestine, so be prepared.

3. Never enough lubrication

Master the Art of Using Anal Beads With These 9 Tips

The anus does not have the ability to moisten itself as the vagina can. That is why it is more than important to use a lubricant. In large quantities.

Which anal lube you will use depends on the material from which the anal beads are made. A silicone toy and a silicone-based lubricant are a big no-no! Over time, the toy will become damaged and cracks will lead to the deposition of bacteria. Yikes! Also, that means shorter service life for the toy. Nobody likes to waste money, right?

Generously lubricate the anal beads (and your anus) and repeat the procedure whenever you feel that everything is not going smoothly and pleasantly.

4. Take small steps and you’ll be on cloud nine fast

Master the Art of Using Anal Beads With These 9 Tips

After you have done all the preparations and reached the moment when it is time to insert the first bead into your anus, rather take your time. One bead by one. There’s even a charm in that, and not just in the pulling out.

Most anal beads are strung so that the one that enters first is the smallest, and each subsequent one is bigger (they increase in diameter). Thus, satisfaction should be gradually increased too. Also, in that way, the anus gradually expands and gets used to the sensation.

Beginners will especially appreciate the effectiveness of this advice.

5. Inhale — exhale

Master the Art of Using Anal Beads With These 9 Tips

Depending on how much experience you have with anal play, using anal beads can be extremely easy or extremely challenging. But if you have a strong will and desire to enjoy this way, with a little practice of breathing exercises, everything will go much easier.

During the whole process of inserting the beads, be completely relaxed and breathe evenly. This will also relax the muscles of the anus and allow you to insert the beads inside more easily.

You can play some favorite music in the background, or if you do it in front of your partner, talk and share every impression with him. That way you will completely relax.

Give yourself and your anus time to get used to the sensation.

6. Don’t forget to have fun with other erogenous zones

Master the Art of Using Anal Beads With These 9 Tips

Why would only the anus enjoy this type of game? As soon as you insert enough beads into your anus, start stimulating other erogenous zones that please you (caress your nipples, masturbate, or do whatever you like to usually do).

If you are playing with your partner in this way and you have a vagina, let him penetrate you or satisfy you orally while determining the pace of inserting and removing anal beads.

7. Timing is everything

Master the Art of Using Anal Beads With These 9 Tips

If you were wondering if there is perfect timing for taking the whole toy out of the anus — the question is great, and the answer is yes.

The best moment to pull out anal beads is the one synchronous with orgasm. When you feel that you will experience a climax (or a partner), try to harmonize the removal of the toy with that very moment. This way the orgasm will be more intense and will also bring you a lot more pleasure.

8. Pause if needed

Master the Art of Using Anal Beads With These 9 Tips

You don’t have to play a hero if at some point you don’t like the feeling that inserting and removing anal beads gives you. Just stop. Hold on.

Maybe you were too rough or not lubricated with sufficient lube. Try adding some more. Don’t force in the largest beads if they’re too big of a bite for you. There are times when they will end up in your anus (as soon as you train and stretch it enough).

Be patient. The best things come to those who have strong nerves. Lol.

9. Aftercare

Master the Art of Using Anal Beads With These 9 Tips

It is the same with anal beads as with any other sex toy — it needs to be washed thoroughly after EACH use. Don’t forget: that thing was in your anus buddy.

Read what the manufacturer says before cleaning the toy (and see our guide on how to clean sex toys).

  • If the material is porous, warm water and antibacterial soap will do the job.
  • If it is stainless steel, feel free to put the toy in boiling water.
  • You can also sterilize glass anal beads.

All this is valid unless the manufacturer states otherwise. Of course, only when the anal beads are completely dry you can store them.

Additional tips

  • Beginners should reach out to silicone anal beads because they are not as rigid as those made of stainless steel or glass, thus are gentler and easier for insertion.
  • If you want to use anal beads for your vajayjay, make sure to have a special one for her. No matter how perfect you clean it, you can’t be hundred percent sure that you’ve cleaned it enough to put it in the vagina after anus.
  • Make sure your anal beads sex toy has a handle/ring so you can easily remove it.
  • There are vibrating anal beads that provide even more pleasure with many vibration modes.

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