6 Most Popular Misconceptions About Anal Sex

You begin to notice the various stories and myths about sex in your area, the moment you become sexually active. Friends urge you to use protection, to pee after sex, to be tested for HIV at least once a year, and, most importantly, to avoid anal intercourse.

Anal sex has been a major taboo subject in social circles throughout the years, and these same myths have turned it into an inconceivable act that delivers far more harm than good. It has long been seen as a filthy and excruciatingly painful sexual practice that readily transmits STDs and violates all socially acceptable and usual standards.

Thankfully, anal sex is seen differently in the twenty-first century. It is now a totally normal manner for two individuals to have anal sex, and it is classified in the same category as vaginal intercourse with only a few exceptions.

Some myths survived, and we are here to debunk them once more. It is past time for us to further our education and broaden our perspectives.

Despite the fact that these myths about anal sex are incorrect, they may nevertheless paint a negative picture of what sex is, and how to do it in a safe and healthy way. We’ll go over the most prevalent misconceptions, and why they are absolutely incorrect.

Anal sex is less intimate

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Anal sex, like every other type of sex, will be whatever we want it to be. If vaginal sex doesn’t have to be intimate if we don’t make it to be, we may definitely connect with our partner on a deeper level when having anal intercourse. It doesn’t make any difference.

There are no limitations to our ability to do so. Dimmed lights, the seductive lingerie, light jazz music in the background, silk bedsheets, delicate touches, kisses, and similar techniques can all help you feel more emotionally intimate during anal intercourse.

No matter what sex you have, create a gorgeous romantic setting for yourself and your sweetheart, and delight in passionate lovemaking. Anal sex is equally as intimate as regular sex.

Anal sex won’t create a barrier between you and your boyfriend; it will simply link you on a new and greater level. Remember that intimacy is something we establish both outside and inside the bedroom.

Anal orgasms are not a real thing

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Anal orgasm occurs when a woman’s G-spot is stimulated directly by a penis, through an anal canal, and it is 100% real. The female clitoris is shaped like a wishbone and reaches all the way to the anus in most cases.

As a result, when the anus is penetrated, the penis indirectly stimulates the clitoris endings, resulting in a secure orgasm. In men, the nerve that goes to the penis also goes to the anus. So in both instances, the climax is unavoidable, and many individuals believe orgasm is even better during anal intercourse.

The reason for this is because our anus contains far more nerve endings than, for example, a woman’s vaginal canal.

Furthermore, unlike vaginal intercourse, more excessive lubricant usage during anal sex improves pleasure and completes the experience to its utmost. To find anal lubricant, you can shop in person at some locations, or order from an online sex store such as Emma’s Sex Store.

Women hate anal sex and do it only to please their partners

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While some women may openly express their aversion to anal sex for health, aesthetic, or religious reasons, a huge number of women all over the world enjoy anal sex and utilize it more frequently than vaginal sex.

Rumors circulating around this myth claim that anal intercourse only occurs in straight couples when a male initiates it, and that women do it simply to appease their partner, despite the fact that they allegedly do not love the action. That is plainly incorrect.

During anal intercourse, a huge number of nerve endings on the anus are stimulated at the same time, as are a significant number of erogenous zones.

This produces incredible orgasms, which are one of the many reasons why women like anal sex in real life.

Women really promote and enhance their sexuality via this sort of sex, discover their secret sexual desires, push the limits out of their comfort zone, and take risks to find new prospective interests and fetishes, according to a variety of psychological and erotic reasons.

It hurts like hell

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To enjoy anal sex that doesn’t hurt at all, you need to know that such sex is 90% preparation and 10% pure activity. Anal sex is all about preparation, and without it, anal play will always be uncomfortable and painful.

Knowing how to include anal sex into your regular sex practice almost minimizes the risk of negative effects, reduces any discomfort that may occur, and makes the encounter enjoyable and unforgettable. It’s likely that these stories are occasionally accurate, and that it’s true that anal sex was excruciatingly painful and intolerable for someone, but only because proper preparation was lacking.

First and foremost, this preparation entails a dialogue between the lovers as well as secure permission. It also relates to picking the ideal anal lubricant, finding the appropriate sexual postures, forming a strong emotional bond, and establishing profound trust between partners.

Don’t worry, this planning won’t take you years. To gather everything you’ll need, put aside a couple of hours before your first anal sex encounter. There’s no need to be concerned if you use a good lubricant and have a gentle lover.

It’s super messy

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If you’re concerned about pooping during sex, remember that anal cleanliness is something you should do on a regular basis and that there are techniques to avoid feces from being discharged during penetration.

While this is a very real possibility, and we should not be embarrassed if it occurs, we would all want to prevent it as much as possible. Douching is a word for cleansing the anal canal before intercourse, and it’s something that many gay men have been doing for years as part of their sex preparation.

Cleaning the anal orifice, also known as an intestinal enema, is not a bad idea, and the activity may be done quite quickly at home.

If you’re worried about leaving traces of excrement on your partner’s penis or all over your new silk bedding, go to your city’s drugstore and ask for a home enema kit. Alternatively, use Google to learn everything you can about it so you’re well prepared for your next sexual encounter.

You don’t need a condom

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It’s possible that women prefer anal sex because they know they won’t be able to get pregnant that way. This is not, however, a reason to avoid using condoms.

A condom protects us from a variety of sexually transmitted illnesses in addition to its primary function as a contraceptive. It is also a myth that these sexual diseases are spread more easily and quickly through anal intercourse than through vaginal sex.

For both sexual techniques, the numbers are around the same, and the risk is about equal. Condoms are still a vital item to have during anal sex, and if you’re worried that they’ll ruin your effect and sexual experience, think again.

Condoms have been shown to improve the entry to the anal orifice and assist penetration by the penis because when the condom’s substance comes into touch with the lubricant, the penetration rhythm improves, and the possibility of climax increases.

If done correctly, anal intercourse may be a beautiful thing. When you embark on this sexual experience, you can never anticipate a flawless result. And it barely matters if everything is always absolutely clean, romantic, or culminates in wild orgasms.

The most essential thing is to do all you can to make it as painless as possible for your partner, to have their agreement for everything you want to do to them, and to simply relax and enjoy it.

Do your homework, prepare yourself, and have a good time; you’ve earned it

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