Which are the best lubes for sex and why they are useful?

Types of Lubes for Sex

Lovemaking is the intimate act that makes partners feel close to each other. While most people take a lot of time to think about the techniques, no one pays much attention to the mechanics. So, many people fail to ask their partner about the comfort and pleasure they feel. For people who wish to have a pleasurable experience with their partner, adding lube to the act can ensure satisfaction. There are different types of lubes based on the diverse sexual needs of the partners. If you are looking for information regarding lubes, then read ahead.

The Need For Lube

For sex to offer pleasure, male and female sex organs release lubrication. In women, the vagina becomes wet with mucus when they get aroused, while men release pre-cum for the lubricating effect. This offers assistance while having sex. In women, lubrication is essential for painless and satisfying sex. But, the amount of mucus produced depends on the following:

  • Menstrual Cycle

During the menstrual cycle, the estrogen levels in the body lower causing reduced vaginal mucus.

  • Age

Women approaching menopause have difficulty in becoming aroused as it takes a lot of time for vaginal lubrication to commence. It usually occurs due to low or no estrogen levels in the body.

  • Stress

Extreme physical and mental stress can lower the libido and blood flow to the vagina. Hence, it becomes difficult to produce vaginal moisture naturally.

  • Health Status

Certain diseases such as diabetes and Sjogren’s syndrome (the disease-causing dry membranes in the body) can restrict mucus production. Undergoing cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy can also cause dryness of the vagina.

  • Medications

Side effects of certain cold and allergy medications include drying up of the mucus. Anti-depressants can also affect vaginal lubrication.

Lack of lubrication can make sex painful and dreadful. To make sex pleasurable, you can include lubes. They can offer lubrication and make the intimate act pleasurable.

Types Of Lubes Available For Sex

If you think lubes are useful only for overcoming vaginal dryness, it is a misconception. While the common use of lube is to overcome vaginal dryness, they also offer fun and pleasure during intimate sessions. When used in conjunction with moisturizers, they can enhance pleasure. It offers both men and women extra pleasure during sex. There are three main types of lubricants available. Here is the classification of the different types:

Oil-Based Lubricants

They are easily available anywhere. In most homes, you can find oil-based lubricants. They are non-sticky, long-lasting, and easy to use underwater. Some of the common examples are baby oil, petroleum jellies, or mineral oils. While you can use it with latex-free condoms, it can damage latex condoms. Unfortunately, they have no FDA oversight or undergo quality checks to use as lubricants. The high possibility of degradation of these lubricants sitting on shelves makes it a bad choice. Due to the oxidative damage they suffer, it can cause a skin reaction. If the condom breaks, these lubricants come in contact with sperm and damage it. It can also interfere with embryo development.

Edible lubes:

Coconut-oil based lubes are also available in market. Some people may have allergy to such lubes as they are not latex-condom safe. Those who are looking for edible, they can choose this option. It also contains flavors and sweetness. It directly moisturizes into skin, so no clean up is needed. You can go with lubes made up of natural ingredients and are safe to use.

Gel lubricants:

This is glycerin and paraben free and water-based lubricant which is suitable for all sorts of condoms and sex toys. They are easy and smooth to use, so you can choose them to enjoy sex and enhance sexual pleasure.

Oil-based personal lubricants:

Made up of combination of oils including Jojoba oils, sunflower, almond and coconut oil. You can easily find it online.

Silky smooth personal lubricant:

This is a silicone-based lubricant that helps relieve dryness. If you are looking for something that is compatible with latex condoms, then you have found the right product. This is available on major online stores at the best price. You just need to find them and place your order. Once you use it, you will surely fall in love with this amazing lube.

Slippery Stuff gel:

This is quite effective. This is glycerin and paraben-free. This water-based gel can be easily used with all sex toys and condoms. You need not to worry about anything as it is safe to use.

Water-Based Lubricants

If you want to use lubes with condoms or silicone toys, then you should go with this. It is designed with natural ingredients and it does not leave residue when it dries. There are so many options you can find in market that are water-based lubes. They are so popular for so many good reasons.

These are the common type available. You can find different brands of this type of lube in the market. In usual cases, this lube mimics the cervical mucus with reduced salt concentration. Hence, they are easy on the skin and do not irritate sensitive areas. As they taste and have the same texture as natural lubrication, you can use them for oral sex or any other type of sex play.

This type of lubricant is a popular choice as they don’t stain the fabrics and washes off with ease. It is often suggested for people trying anal sex and women who suffer from vaginal dryness. They may feel sticky and tend to dry out quickly. These are the only downside of using this lube.

Silicone-Based Lubricants

If it is about finding long lasting lubes, then it can be the excellent choice. Sometimes couples find it hard and irritating to apply lubes again and again, but problem of reapplying lube during sex can be resolved by choosing these options. You will also observe pretty good amount of slickness in these lubes. They are designed with a trace of Vitamin E, silicon, glycerin and gluten. They are paraben free. Such lubes also make anal penetration easier and smooth.

It is another common type of lubricant that can work with all types of condoms. They last longer than water-based ones. They feel slick and never dry out quickly. Using premium quality silicone-based lubes will leave your skin soft and smooth. They also cause no skin irritation. It is often ideal for people who wish to try anal sex. After water-based lube, this is the recommended one.

These are the best options that you can look into. You have to consider so many things before choosing these lubes. So, you should be very careful while buying or using lubes for sex.

Choosing The Best Lubricant For Sex

For added pleasure and less hassle, you can either opt for water-based or silicone-based lubricant. It is recommended when you and your partner choose to use condoms. This lube works well will all types of condoms. Unlike oil-based lubes that can harm or damage the condom, this lube may not cause the condom to split. But, the type of lube depends on the person’s choice. While choosing the lubricant, you need to consider certain things such as:

  • The type of condom you opt for plays a part as you must never select oil-based lubes while using polyisoprene, latex, or lambskin condoms. But, the oil-based condom is compatible with latex-free polyurethane) condoms. It is important to check this factor. If you avoid it, you can face many other issues.
  • The type of sex you and your partner prefer. For anal sex, you must use silicone-based or water-based lubes as they lower friction and decrease the risk of the condom breaking. Applying the lubricant over the condom and inside the anus can make anal sex pleasurable.
  • Your personal preference in using the lubes. You can enhance sexual pleasure by choosing the right one.

Why Are Lubricants Useful?

Now, you know the different types and the best one to use based on your sexual preference. You can find a wide variety of lubes in health stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets. While it is easily available many people may not feel the urge to use this. Why do you need to use lubes? Incorporating them into your sex life can make the experience more pleasurable. Get rid of any misconception and outdated notion as you can use it for experiencing the following benefits:

Anyone Can Use It

Lube is not limited to specific users.  Anyone can use it irrespective of their age, gender, and sexual preference. What’s more? You can use it for self-love or masturbation. You need to choose the right type of lube from the oil-based water-based, or silicone-based options. Apply it on any part of the body to make you feel good or use it with a sex toy to feel pleasure. Choosing the right type of lube will boost the pleasure for you and your partner with or without the use of sex toys.

Can Overcome Vaginal Dryness

Earlier, women reaching their menopause stage experienced vaginal dryness. Today, vaginal dryness can happen to women of all ages. It happens due to hormonal fluctuations, extreme stress, or as a side effect of any medication. Women experiencing vaginal dryness find it painful to have sex and dread it. Instead of refraining from intimate sessions, women can use lubrication to enjoy sex. They can get advice from the doctor to find the perfect lube to spice up their sex life.

Using Lube May Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Most people use lube as the last option to overcome vaginal dryness. But, you can use it according to your wish during sex. You have the option to try out different flavors and sensations of lube. Some of them can offer a cooling or warming effect when applied. Some types can help men prolong ejaculation. Using lubrication with a condom can make an intimate session feel natural and pleasurable. Hence, using lube is not restricted to overcome dryness but to boost pleasure for you and your partner.

Lubes Can Make Anal Sex Less Painful

Some people like to experiment with sex. In such cases, they try anal sex. But, unlike the vagina, the anus does not provide natural lubrication when stimulated. Without lubrication, anal penetration can cause pain. Applying lube liberally in the anal region can offer a relaxing effect and make it easier during anal intercourse. Hence, using lube before anal sex or on anal sex toys makes the experience less painful and pleasurable.

Lubes Can Make Intimate Sessions Safer

How can lubrication make sex sessions safer? Using lubes reduces friction. Hence, it lowers the risk of suffering any injury during physical intimacy. Also, when you use a condom, lubes can make it less likely to fall off or break. Hence, it keeps men protected from STIs such as HIV. For people using standard latex condoms, using a water-based silicone-based lube can keep the condom from breaking.

While using lube, you need to remember that it is not a contraceptive. It may only offer you pleasure during the sex session and cannot prevent pregnancy.


Using lubes or lubricants for your intimate sessions with your partner can make the activities more comfortable and enjoyable. You have diverse choices available in the market. But, if or what lubricants you opt for remain a personal choice. So, you can select the ones that suit you the most. Irrespective of the type of lube you choose, make sure you research about them and make an informed decision. The final choice must offer you satisfaction without putting your health in danger. Find one that does not cause harsh reactions on your skin. It must stay slippery for long without any problem. Since you are going to apply the lube on the sensitive part of the body, choosing the best one will make the session pleasurable. Pick up some of the reputed ones and try them the next time you have sex to feel the difference.

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