Cleaning Tips For The Sex Toys

Best Ways to Clean Sex Toys

Sex toys have become an important list when you wish to spice up your intimate relationship or want to enjoy some self-love. It has become the top-most item to ease stress and relax. It provides a great me-time for people who have no partner to have a sexual relationship. While these are some of the stellar features of the sex toy, these items can also trigger nasty infections when you fail to clean them properly. Cleaning and storing sex toys properly can only lower the risk of bacterial growth that can lead to infections. If you are wondering why and how to clean sex toys, then you have come to the right place. Here you can read about the necessity to clean the toys and the tips for proper cleaning to avoid harmful bacterial manifestations.

Sex Toys Cleaning Tips

Why Should You Clean The Sex Toys?

Good hygiene extends to your sex toys too. It is necessary to follow good hygiene when you use sex toys for pleasure. Without proper cleaning, you are offering harmful bacteria an ideal place to grow and flourish. Hence, when you use them again, such harmful bacteria can enter your body and cause sexual problems such as yeast or vaginal infections. You must clean and sanitize the sex toys after and before every single use.


Things To Know Before Cleaning Sex Toys

You must know that cleaning techniques for sex toys are not universal. It varies depending on the type of material used to make these toys. Sex toys are made from two types of materials, namely:


Porous Materials

Porous materials as the name suggests have microscopic holes.  Hence, they can harbor bacteria. Due to harmful bacteria entering the vaginal microbiome via the sex toy, you become prone to a condition known as dysbiosis. While your vagina has a myriad of bacteria and fungi, they keep it healthy. But, an outside organism can throw the balance out, leading to infections such as urinary tract infection (UTI). Porous material can harbor bacteria even after cleaning and drying it. Hence, consider using a condom when you choose sex toys made of porous material. The porous material used to make sex toys include the following:

  • Rubber (including Jelly rubber, TRE, and TPR)
  • Hard plastic
  • Leather
  • Fabric

Nonporous Materials

Nonporous material does not have holes. Hence, bacteria do not grow on these materials easily. With proper cleaning, you can use them without any worry. Also, these materials are easy to clean. It includes the following materials:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Silicone

Steps To Clean The Sex Toys

Before starting to clean, you need to identify the type of material used in the sex toy. You can either check the packaging or the website to detect the material used in it. Here are the steps to clean sex toys.


Step1: Clean The Toys

To clean the toys, you need soap and water. But, how you clean them depends on the type of material used in the toys.


  • Silicone

Sex toys made of medical-grade silicon are nonporous. But, other varieties of silicone may belong to the porous category. For nonporous silicone, you can use warm water and mild soap. Wash removable parts of the toy separately. For non-motorized, silicone toys, you can immerse them in boiling water for deep cleaning.


  • Metals and Pyrex Glass

Pyrex glass, metals such as medical-grade stainless steel require cleaning using mild soap and warm water. For waterproof and non-motorized toys, you can boil the toy in water for three to four minutes to disinfect.


  • Crystal, Stone, and Non-Pyrex Glass

These materials are porous. Hence, you need to use mild soap and warm water to clean them. Never place crystal and non-Pyrex glass in boiling water as they have delicate structures.


  • Wood

Sex toys made of wood have a medical-grade coating that makes them nonporous. You can follow the instruction from the manufacturer or use a mild cleanser and warm water to clean the toys.


  • Cyberskin and Vinyl

Such material requires only a minimal amount of soap as it can break down with excess cleaning product. These two materials are porous. So, after washing, they may require the dusting of cornstarch to avoid degradation or sticky. But, check the instruction manual for cleaning before trying the last step.


  • Plastics and Rubber Sex Toys

The toys containing TRP (Thermoplastic elastomer), TPE (Thermoplastic Rubber), jelly rubber, and plastic are the usual material used in sex toys. They are porous items. Hence, cleaning them requires caution. You can use warm water along with mild soap to clean the products. For areas harder to reach such as crevices, you can use a toothbrush. It will help clean debris deposited in the area. After sanitizing, you need to dry these toys using a clean towel before storing them properly.


  • Nylon

Sex toys such as impact toys, wearables, and harnesses use nylon at times. You can use mild detergent along with warm water to hand wash the items.


  • Leather

People use leather toys today to spice up sex life. It comes in the form of wearable items, harnesses, and impact toys. Since leather is extremely porous, you may find it difficult to clean them. Try using a damp washcloth with soap to wipe down the material. While cleaning, you need to clean every nook along with the stitching. After sanitizing, allow it to air dry.


  • Glass:

You should completely avoid exposing glass toys to extreme temperatures.  You should try washing these delicate toys only with soap water. It will be the easiest and effective way to clean glass toys.


Step 2: Sanitize The Sex Toys

After cleaning the grime from the surface, you must now focus on sanitizing the toys. By sanitizing, you are developing a line of defense against the bacteria. It is an important step you need to complete. For water-proof material, put the toys in boiling water to lower the bacteria. For non-waterproof sex toys, you can use isopropyl alcohol to sanitize. To clean the non-waterproof toys, you need to take a solution containing 70% isopropyl alcohol. Use a washcloth to take some of the isopropyl alcohol solutions and clean them. There are sex toy cleaning products designed to sanitize and lower bacterial count. You can use them if you wish.


Step 3: Dry The Sex Toys


While drying may seem like an insignificant step, you must never skip it. Leaving moist crevices and corners in the toys can offer the ideal environment for bacterial growth. Hence, improper drying can increase the risk of infection due to harmful bacterial growth. Use a clean and dry towel to absorb leftover water. You can use a paintbrush to push the dry towel to reach difficult places. It avoids the risk of mold and mildew.


Step 4: Store The Sex Toys Properly


Storing sex toys is also an important step. Instead of exposing them to bacteria by placing them in the drawer of the nightstand, you need to store them in their original packaging. You can also keep them in the drawer after placing them in a special fabric (microfiber) bag. Such protective covers will lower the chances of bacterial infestation that can harm your health.


Should I use sex toy cleaners:


If you are looking for a comfortable way to clean your sex toys for safer use next time you have sex, then you should rely on sex toy cleaners.  There are a few options that you need to know about:


  • Foaming toy cleaner:

You can find hypoallergenic foaming toy cleaner to clean these toys. These cleaners are alcohol-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free. You can take some foam and rub it over the sex toys to clean it up. Leave the foam for few seconds and rinse it.  Those who have sensitive skin, they should go with this product. It ensures proper cleaning to avoid transmission of STDs and bacterial infection.  Sometimes, sperms remain on the surface of sex toys, so it is essential to clean these toys before using in or near the vagina.


  • Cleaning spray:

You can spray this cleanser all over the toy and wait for few seconds and rinse it with warm water. Its ingredients work well and clean the toy. Different toys may need different cleaning, so you should read the manual instructions, so that you can get right idea about the product and its usage.

There are so many problems that can be avoided with proper cleaning of sex toys. It does not consume much time, so you should buy the best cleaning products to keep your sex toys clean and safe to use.

Sex Toy Cleaning FAQs

Ok, now you know how to clean the sex toys. But, they are some questions swirling in your mind regarding the frequency of cleaning and other issues. Let’s cover those too:

  • How Often Should You Clean The Sex Toys?

You need to clean the toys after each use with the cleaning tips mentioned. For avoiding any issues, you can also clean them properly before using them.

  • Should You Use Sex Toy Cleaning Products Alone?

While cleansers made specifically to clean sex toys make seem like the time-saving option, everyone cannot afford it. Also, you need to check these products to avoid the presence of parabens or other chemicals. Using products containing chemicals is not advised as they leave a deposit that can enter your body. Soap and water feel like the safe option. Otherwise, opt for paraben-free, cruelty-free cleaning products.

  • Should You Use Condom With Sex Toys?

While the decision to use condoms on sex toys relies on personal choice, there are few situations where you need to use them without fail. Condom on sex toys becomes necessary during the following scenarios:

  • You have multiple people using the sex toy.
  • There remains a concern of allergic reaction due to the material of the sex toy.
  • You like to experience an extra sensation.


  • What Are The Common Mistakes You Can Make With Cleaning Of Sex Toys?

While using sex toys most, novice user tends to make the following mistakes that can affect the life of the toys or cause harm to your skin:

  • Forget to remove the batteries or unplugging the sex toys before cleaning them. You must take out the batteries before cleaning to avoid corrosion. Battery acid can affect your skin if it leaks due to corrosion.
  • Using the sex toy immediately after removing it from the box is another mistake. You must always clean the toys before you use them. These toys should be clean with hot water and mild soap after you open them. Keep these toys to dry properly after cleaning. It is important to use them after cleaning as they may have bacteria, dust and many other harmful particles, so clean these brand-new sex toys first.
  • You should also check if these toys are water-resistant before cleaning them. Most of the toys are water-proof, you should ensure they are safe for submerging.  If they are not water-proof, it can cause battery or electrical damage.
  • You should not forget to dry the toys properly before using them. You should wipe these toys properly before storing them.
  • It is always good to use sex toy cleaners or anti-bacterial soap and warm water to clean these toys. If you use scented soap, bleach or any household products to clean them, you may have to face some repercussions. These toys come directly in contact with your anus or vagina, so you should use safe products to clean them.
  • If you use porous toys, you should use condom on it before using them as cleaning them again and again can be a bad idea as they trap bacteria.


Sex toys are designed for self-love and increasing pleasure during intimate sessions. But, without proper care, these toys can cause painful experiences. Hence, you need to take time to clean and store them properly. Before cleaning, make sure you follow the tips suggested to ensure you use the right cleaning materials and best practices for ensuring its top shape.

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