Men and Sex Toys: Are They Hiding Something?

They keep something to themselves, for sure.

You’re thrilled with your new sex toy — well, hello! You don’t buy a rabbit vibrator just about every day!

But what does your male partner think about it, if he knows about that purchase of course? To rephrase — what does he TRULY think?

Men are beings who are more ego-driven than women, most will agree. They like to be in charge, to be alpha males (at least in front of others), they like hearing us screaming from pleasure during each sex (imagine they know the truth?) and to get praise at the expense of their sexual skills.

We are talking about the majority here.

When we look at them from this POV, one can only imagine what happens in their brain when their babe shows them a huge dildo that brings her immense pleasures, or when she suggests to tie them up and/or whip them? Oh, Lord.

I had to research this question and now I share with you the answers of men to a simple question: What do you think about sex toys?

Jack, 22 — ”As long as she loves me”

I don’t have a problem with sex toys — as long as she’s having fun with me the same way as before sex toys. I like to be blindfolded from time to time, and we are considering buying some bed restraints. You know, just to try out something different. But overall I find sex toys helpful in a way — they make everything more interesting. Just to be hundred percent honest, I don’t like the idea of her using a vibrator all the time. That’s something I don’t want to bring up to discussion because I’m aware that is selfish to ask for her to not use a vibrator as a shortcut to orgasm.

Bryan, 34 — ”It sucks when she can’t cum without her dildo”

I literally hate her 7” dildo! We used to have great sex — we both tried hard to please each other, we had sex at almost every place at home, and even outside. One day she received a package and that toy from the package became her obsession. Even though I stressed that I don’t want her to use it, especially not in front of me, she didn’t care. For me, my explanation is logical — if she gets used to that silicone wand, she may end up not enjoying sex with a real thing (my package). We don’t mention this issue anymore, but it drives me crazy. I don’t feel good, I don’t feel like I’m enough to her anymore. And let me tell you — that feeling sucks!

Terry, 27 — ”One whip destroyed my relationship”

I just don’t like those things. For me, almost every sex is awesome, and this chick was flawless! We were in a relationship for four months and we lived together. We went out for a couple of drinks one night, and we had too much of them. On the way home, she was telling me what she will do to me when we come home. I was horny AF. Everything would have been great if she hadn’t suddenly gone to the drawer where she keeps her underwear and taken out a whip — a fucking whip! I was shocked and started asking a million questions. She tried to persuade me to try it, she said she loves that kind of sex but she didn’t dare mention it to me because I was disgusted by those things. She even whipped me a couple of times, to show me how cool it is. I told her it was best that we go to sleep and I broke up the next morning. Guess it was not meant to be. Now I always ask potential sex partners about their relationship with sex toys.

Men and Sex Toys: Are They Hiding Something?

Jamal, 36 — ”I love to try new things, just not all of them”

I like to feel like a man in a relationship, for the girl next to me to feel safe, to know who is a man and who is a woman. I also like various sex toys, but mostly it’s all about using on partners, not on me. To be honest, I find it humiliating for a man to be tied up or to go to extremes — to be pegged. It happened a couple of times that girls suggested to tie me up and use a strap on on me, but I never agreed. Sex toys like vibrators and sex swings are completely okay, as long as we use them on her — why not?

Travis, 20 ”Huge fan over here”

I get off when a girl wants us to use sex toys. For me it means that she knows what she wants, she’s experienced and in the end, it means she’s a freak! That’s how I see it. I don’t have a problem with my ego or confidence like most dudes I know do have. Idgaf about that. As long as she’s not trying to peg me, I’m good. Bruises here and there from restraints are totally fine.

Rob, 29 — ”I’m afraid that I’m just not enough for her”

It’s hard for me to admit, but most of these toys do a pretty good job. I saw for myself how the girls scream while we use a clit sucker or a vibrating cock ring. They don’t moan like that when we only use my cock. I can’t help but wonder — man, do you even know how to fuck? It really fucks up self-confidence. That’s why I’m not a fan of those toys. I wish they didn’t exist actually. Except for pocket pussies. I know, double standards.

Men and Sex Toys: Are They Hiding Something?

Mike, 33 — ”My favorite girls are those who masturbate in front of me”

The girls are really shy. Rarely does any agrees to show me how she masturbates. If she does, I don’t care if she needs a dildo, a vibrator, fingers, or a cucumber for that. What matters is that she is brave enough to do it in front of me. That turns me on. Why would I mind any of these aids? I tried lots of things — even those weird nipple clamps. To me, it’s all top-notch. Although, I must admit I haven’t had a serious relationship so far. I might mind if my SO can’t cum without toys during sex.

What we learned from these guys

One thing is for sure — men’s opinions about sex toys cannot be generalized.

They also like to enjoy the charms offered by sex aids, but it seems under one universal condition — that their anus is never touched.

The main secret, that is, the concern, which they do not want to say out loud, is that they are afraid they are not good enough in bed.

They are scared of vibrators, but it may be clear why — after all, vibrators can be huge, with many speeds and modes, and their penis certainly can’t do all that a battery-powered stick can.

Dildos also pose a threat to them – some girls are size queens, and on the other hand, not every guy is gifted in terms of the crotch.

The question of masculinity and ego is also interesting — they just don’t want women to cum in front of them with the help of something better than their penis.

What to say? Guys, try to understand women — they won’t stop loving you, they even won’t love you any less if some sex assistant enters their life.

Consider even making her smile — take a look at the offer of some sex shop (Emma’s Sex Store has great things in store) and buy a sex toy you will both adore.

The girls will surely be appreciative.

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