Top 7 Sex Toys Picks From Guys Who Have Lit Sex Life

Guys do use sex toys—a lot more than one would assume.

Whether it’s with a partner, or for masturbation sesh, it’s not uncommon to come across a guy at a sex shop buying cock rings, vibrators, or something else from a nowadays enormous selection of male sex toys (Emma’s Sex Store is one of those stores that has men’ back when it comes to toys for their needs).

It’s no secret that everyone strives to have an impressive sex life, which leads to spicing it up with various sex toys. The dilemma occurs when one is not sure which toy is perfect for its needs.

That’s why we decided to ask some experienced male users to share their favorite sex toys with us and explain why those exact are their preferred.

These seven sweet gentlemen gave us the most interesting answers, and we pass them on to you in whole.

You’ll be surprised, we bet!

”I can’t picture my life without cock ring!”—Ewan, 29

Top 7 Sex Toys Picks From Guys Who Have Lit Sex Life

”The thing is, I haven’t tried anything else besides cock rings, and some forms of sex games, like dice and paddles. Of course, if my GF’s toys don’t count. But that small round device is really handy. At least for someone like me who likes sex marathons, but doesn’t want to use viagra or anything similar. I’m pretty much satisfied with my package, but I’m a human, I can’t last as much as I would like to. That’s why cock ring is my holy grail. My babe also loves it, because I last longer, the more certain it is that she will have an orgasm during penetration. Overall, I would recommend it for all sex soldiers who like their penis erect and hard. And even for those who have problems with erection.”

”Sissy chastity device made my dreams come true.”—Theodore, 37

Top 7 Sex Toys Picks From Guys Who Have Lit Sex Life

”I don’t think I’m less manly if I speak about sissy chastity and how much I like it. I’ve always wanted to try it but was afraid to suggest it to my partners. I was ashamed. Luckily, I’ve found back in a day a one-night stand, and now girlfriend, who is a dominatrix. I knew I could ask her to try with me my sissy chastity panties. She was thrilled! That’s when I started buying them, mostly online, to avoid prying eyes. People may be wondering if I’m bisexual or latent gay, but I’m not. I just like being submissive and to be dying for sex. And with sissy chastity, I have to beg for it and do many other crazy things to deserve to take it off. It’s really fun wearing those girly panties, too. Idk, it makes me feel great.”

”As an anime fan, I’m in love with onaholes.”—Vincent, 20

Top 7 Sex Toys Picks From Guys Who Have Lit Sex Life

”I’m not sure if I would like onaholes if I weren’t a fan of those Japanese animes. It arouses me when I just think about it. Many people don’t know what onaholes are—simply put in words, those are pocket pussies, but designed to look like Japanese anime characters. That’s where the magic lies. I have a couple of them, some have a vaginal opening, others anal and some give me a really good blowjob. Oh, yeah, I should mention lube. Lubricant is a must. I carry them everywhere around, even in my office. I could imagine the faces of my colleagues if they would found out what is in the drawer of my desk!”

”Let me tell you—no woman can’t replace a blowjob machine.”—Connor, 31

Top 7 Sex Toys Picks From Guys Who Have Lit Sex Life

”I experienced some notably outstanding bj’s in my life, but this thing surpasses them all. And it doesn’t have teeth. I go out, have a good time with my pals, have a few beers, hit on a few gals, and don’t stress too much about getting their Instagram. I know my lovely blowjob machine is waiting for me at home and will help me unwind after a long day. So far, I’ve tried two and am pleased with each. I guesstimated the size, which is crucial. As much as I enjoy the deep throat, so does my babe (bj machine). And the inside—now that’s what I call super stimulation. What’s more, you know what’s the best part? After that, I don’t have to drive her home! What more could a man ask for?”

”I enjoy wearing a chastity belt.”—Danny, 26

Top 7 Sex Toys Picks From Guys Who Have Lit Sex Life

”I enjoy wearing a chastity belt a lot. I enjoy craving sex, and this device enables me to do so. My fiancée loves it when we use a chastity belt in sex every now and then. The point is that no matter how horny you are, this device stops you from having an erection. When I wear it, stuff happens behind closed doors-I have to really try and be obedient to get my darling to unlock me. And it looks like an eruption when it happens—I can’t stop myself. We have a lot of fun with it, and I’m thrilled to have found this type of sex toy online.” 

”My date once offered me to try anal beads. I ended up liking it.”—Tristan, 42

Top 7 Sex Toys Picks From Guys Who Have Lit Sex Life

”I experimented with a number of dildos and vibrators, but I didn’t have the opportunity to test anal beads until one dude offered to use one during sex. It was fantastic! The entire process of inserting the bulbs one by one is amazing, and the act of removing the device is especially powerful. Now I have a couple of different ones, each with different sizes of bulbs. To be honest, I hardly use a regular dildo anymore. It’s terrific sex toy.”

”Those prostate massagers are fire!”—Zak, 33

Top 7 Sex Toys Picks From Guys Who Have Lit Sex Life

”Just to make it clear, I’m not gay nor bisexual. In a million years, I wouldn’t think I’d want a girl to put something in my crotch. But it happened once, after a bit more booze, which gave me the courage to try it. It was a prostate massager, and I had a lot of fun with it. Because I bought one the next day after my initial experience, I proceeded to use it with other women. It’s fascinating; orgasm takes on a whole new meaning when induced by prostate stimulation. I also did some research online, and it’s something that a lot of guys practice. It’s also healthy, according to scientists. At the very least, I’m taking care of my health.”

These guys certainly had an incredible time using their favorite sex toys. 

And, how about you? Have you tried one or do you intend to?

Let us know in the comments!

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