Hot Tips For Anal Sex Beginners

You’ve been thinking about going on an anal sex adventure for a long time but are afraid to take the plunge? Or are you too embarrassed to seek help since you aren’t well-informed? Your fears are over because you’ve arrived at the right place to learn further about anal sex.

We won’t lie to you: this experience does involve some preparation, both physical and mental or emotional, but if you’ve decided to give it a shot, we’re here to help you have the best time possible. There are several beliefs regarding anal sex that make us hesitate and fear it, yet these are quite natural things that don’t appear to be terrible or dreadful in reality.

Some of the funniest and craziest myths about anal sex we’ve come across include: that it’s only for gay men, that women never enjoy it and only agree to it to make their men happy, that straight men are disgusted by it, that it hurts unbearably, that it’s a very messy and dirty way of sex, and that you’re much more prone to sexually transmitted diseases during anal sex than you are during regular sex, etc.

Of course, as you might expect, none of this is real, and every story has two sides. Let us explain why anal sex is such a wonderful sensation.

Anal sex includes far more than just anal penetration

Hot Tips For Anal Sex Beginners

Anal sex is not always anal penetration. Yes, we recognize the irony, but bear with us while we explain. Anal play is a concept that could be used to describe the entire anal sex experience.

Of course, penetration is the sole correct sex formula in and of itself, but what we can accomplish with the entire anal game, for both men and women, is much more than that. Anal play, as a kind of foreplay and as a kind of sex itself, offers a variety of fun activities that can help us relieve pain and discomfort, relax and unwind our bodies, and have a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

If you are a rookie in anal sex and an amateur, we strongly advise you to consider some preparation and intriguing anal foreplay, because it may be an excellent exercise for you. Furthermore, we’ll go over a few different types of anal pleasuring, as well as the basic and inevitable procedures in having safe and proper anal sex.

Rimming (Analingus)

Hot Tips For Anal Sex Beginners

If you’ve been a fan of oral sex in the past (cunnilingus, blow-jobs), rimming is the perfect upgrade. Prepare yourself for the incredible sensation of orally gratifying your anal orifice with your partner’s wet tongue.

This is a tremendously sexy and personal approach to relax your body and prepare yourself for all that anal sex has to offer. You can utilize the same humidity to move on to the next recommended step: massage if you moisten your partner’s anal orifice with enough saliva.

Anal massage

Hot Tips For Anal Sex Beginners

A sex process that acts like a major relaxant, a very erotic part of intimacy related to anal sex that involves massaging the anal opening to relax the nerves located in that area of your body.

An incredibly large number of nerve endings are located right in the anal opening, and massaging that part of the body with light circular motions, and with wet fingers or palms can do amazing things for your new sexual experience.

During the anal massage, we recommend massaging other erogenous zones, such as the penis and/or vagina, breasts, or simultaneously having oral sex, masturbating, etc., for complete pleasure and enjoyment.

Anal fingering

Hot Tips For Anal Sex Beginners

Your best pals, not your rivals, are one or two fingers up your anus. Fingerplay is essential for the upcoming anal sex, as it allows the muscles to relax completely and prepare for the much larger foreign body of wider proportions that will arrive at the area.

Of course, a lubricant is required in this instance, as well as in direct penetration. To prepare the fingers for entering the anal entrance, a small amount of lubricant (ideally silicone-based) should be spread on them. Begin with one finger, slowly bringing it in while keeping your breathing in check.

As experienced opera singers do, breathe from your diaphragm rather than your throat. If you’ve noticed thus far, your anal muscles intuitively react to each of your sighs and exhalations, as well as any movement of your body, and expand/contract in response to each, even the smallest, motion.

Focus on stretching the muscles as much as possible when you feel fingers entering your anus to allow your fingertips to move freely and broaden the aperture. This is an excellent and inescapable anal sex exercise. For optimum muscle relaxation and preparation for anal penetration, we propose vaginal finger play, or oral sex, during finger play in your anus.

Sex toys are your friends

Hot Tips For Anal Sex Beginners

Particularly butt plugs. According to this article from Healthline, butt plugs can help you reach an anal orgasm. Choose the appropriate size for you and begin stretching your anus. After you’ve finished with butt plugs, you can easily switch to smaller vibrators or dildos to prepare for a penis or something similar.

Installing a butt plug is a reasonably straightforward and painless procedure. After purchasing, thoroughly clean it, dry it, lubricate it, and gently insert it into the anal orifice while relaxing the anal muscles. You won’t have to think about it after it’s installed.

You can keep it inside your anus for as long as you wish and continue to function normally. For those few seconds, before it totally enters you, you may feel a slight, almost unnoticeable pain. You won’t even notice it’s there after that, and it’ll be the absolute emperor of this sex toy.

It has a lot greater impact on your sexual experience than you might think, and we can’t put a figure on safety and desire.

Stimulation around the anal opening

Hot Tips For Anal Sex Beginners

You may believe that by mentioning anal massage, we’ve already covered this phase, but you’re mistaken. Touching everything except the anus is used to arouse the area around the anal orifice. A massage is the polar opposite of this.

It’s a good idea to play with various parts of the body during this step to draw a comparison between the acceptance of several other erogenous zones. Your brain has trained to respond to cues coming from your vagina or penis, but if you’re new to anal sex, you’ll need to train your mind to respond to stimuli coming from this side.

They can be incredible and groundbreaking, but you must train your body to accept them anyway. You can stimulate the clitoris and the area around the anal orifice simultaneously in this situation, and trust us when we say that the orgasms are unforgettable.

Alternatively, you can have vaginal intercourse (perhaps in a doggy position) while your lover massages the area around your anal orifice, or whatever suits you most at the time. Not directly touching the anal orifice can sometimes provide the same level of excitement and good preparation for all that follows.

All of these steps have the same goal: to relax your anal muscles as much as possible.

It is crucial to use lubrication

Hot Tips For Anal Sex Beginners

Both before the penetration of the penis and most forms of anal foreplay, this phase is required (sex toys, fingering, etc.). At first, only a small amount of lubrication is used, and more is applied later if necessary. The lubricant you want to use is silicone-based, and you should always buy in bulk to ensure you have enough.

If you’ve already started anal penetration, lubricate your penis or use an acceptable penile replacement, and make sure your partner’s anal hole is lubricated as well. As a result, all of the places that blend into one whole will be covered and moistened to the maximum extent possible, reducing and alleviating the uncomfortable pain.

Without lubricant, never participate in any form of anal sexual action. This cannot be emphasized enough. If you do that, you will have an incredibly awful and painful experience that will stay in your terrible memory for the rest of your life, maybe closing the door to anal sex forever, which is something we don’t want.

If done correctly, this may be a lovely occasion.

Don’t be scared to get a little dirty

Hot Tips For Anal Sex Beginners

There are new specific things you need to pay attention to once anal sex has commenced and you’ve finished enjoying anal foreplay. Let’s start with the presence of a large pink elephant in the room. Yes, you may occasionally leave traces of excrement on your bedding or your partner’s penis, but this should not be the source of your anxiety.

You may even feel compelled to poop during anal sex, but keep in mind that this is simply your body’s method of acclimating to the new stimulation and reacting to it. As previously said, the anal orifice contains a great number of nerve endings, and simply enlarging it means intense stimulation to which your mind has not yet become accustomed.
But don’t be alarmed if a specific eruption occurs; it’s entirely normal and natural. You can avoid this by performing a procedure known as an enema. Cleaning your intestines and ejecting your superfluous material from the intestines outside to free and purify your inner area, which is ideal for anal intercourse, is a technique you can undertake at home.

You will never have to worry about unwanted unpleasant scenarios with your enormous bowel material if you enema your anal opening before anal intercourse. With a little preparation, an enema, or the act of rinsing and cleaning the intestines, can be done at home.

However, we must warn you that homemade enemas can often cause major long-term health concerns. But, if you want to be very certain about this procedure, do some study on the way you choose and believe will make you the happiest, or go to your family doctor and ask about all of your alternatives.

To have anal intercourse, you must be emotionally prepared

Hot Tips For Anal Sex Beginners

Emotional readiness is something without which one does not embark on a life journey. Before participating in anal intercourse, you must first talk to yourself, just like you would for any other sexual activity.

Never feel obligated to consent to something just because your companion wants you to or because internet porn sites have taught you that it’s all so simple and wonderful. Only you can decide what is best for your body, and only you can decide when you are ready for anal sex.

Everything else is simple:

  • Explore your anal erogenous zones.
  • Prepare your anus with exciting anal foreplay.
  • Don’t forget to utilize sex toys to prepare your anal opening.
  • Always apply lubricant.

If this is your first time, take it gently and learn about your body as well as your partner’s body rhythm and motions.

You must take long breaths and completely relax your body. All of these steps will make you feel as safe and lovely as possible during this exciting new adventure. 

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