Kegel Exercises: A How-To Guide For Women

A well-balanced mind is found in a well-balanced body, according to an old proverb. Of course, a closer examination of this phrase reveals that it refers to the implementation of a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, and the reduction of unhealthy and poisonous substances in our bodies such as alcohol and carbs, as well as, of course, exercise.

Exercise may be the most essential factor in this instance because it offers us a plethora of advantages that control our body’s correct and excellent functioning. Exercise refers to the regular and controlled actions of our body muscles and every other part of the body that promotes the body’s natural vitamin and mineral balance to be maintained.

But, when we exercise in the hopes of living the healthiest lifestyle possible, do we do it just to control our weight and get a flat stomach? Have you ever considered that we can exercise some of the body’s less visible, more intimate parts?

Yes, it is possible. And now we’re talking about our genitals explicitly. More specifically, the vaginal area. Stay with us if you’re a woman who hasn’t heard of this concept yet; we’ll happily explain.

Kegel exercises are the ones that promote healthy development, and normal vaginal function. We strengthen vaginal muscles, control the healthy flow of blood and bodily fluids, and promote many other advantages by practicing these exercises. There are several reasons why these workouts are beneficial to all women.

They have a slew of good benefits that improve our general health and help us live happier lives.

What are the benefits of these exercises?

Kegel Exercises

In a woman’s lifespan, her body passes through several stages, and her reproductive system develops dramatically. From the moment we have our first menstruation, have our first sex, give birth to our first kid, have our final menstruation, and everything in between, our bodies monitor all of these events and, based on them, modify their structure and function.

Consider how much our vaginal organ might deteriorate as a result of all of these life experiences. While all a woman’s reproductive system can accomplish is amazing, external factors such as delivery, aging, surgeries, obesity, constipation, and so on may significantly decrease the pelvic floor muscle.

Many women have struggled with irregular urine flow at some point in their lives, which is why we employ Kegel exercises. The pelvic floor muscle might weaken to the point that we can drop a few drops of pee without even realizing it when coughing, laughing, or sneezing.

Kegel exercises, commonly known as pelvic floor exercises, are a lifesaver in this situation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re pregnant or have already given birth; they’re perfectly safe to do because they have no bad side effects.

They aid in the tightening of all vaginal muscles as well as the whole reproductive system. They can also assist with the spontaneous release of feces, gas, and undesirable bodily fluids in addition to preventing unintentional urination.

How do you get ready for Kegel exercises?

vaginal muscles

Identifying your pelvic floor muscle is the first step in preparing your body for Kegel exercises. With the assistance of one easy technique, you can do this. Stop the midstream urine flow the next time you urinate on the toilet. Or, to put it another way, quit peeing in the midway.

You will feel nearly like one of the vaginal muscles has swelled at that moment, and you will have correctly identified your pelvic floor muscle. After that, you can begin exercising. That’s all there is to it. Before you leave the toilet, remember to empty your bladder.

For Kegel exercises, this is a key phase. Laying on your back on a firm and level surface (although you may exercise in different ways if you like) and stretching your legs a bit to the front of your body are ideal for preparing for the exercise procedure.

Imagine yourself sitting on marble to have a better understanding of the purpose of this exercise. Pretend you need to strengthen your pelvic floor muscle to the point where you can pick up a marble.

Once you’ve done that, hold your breath for at least 3 seconds before relaxing those muscles to release our fictitious marble.

Rep this process until you get bored. Remember to exercise three times a day, for a total of 10-15 minutes in each session. During Kegel exercises, it’s critical to keep your focus and pay attention to your breathing.

The more you concentrate on the workout, the better the end outcome will be.

Take as many deep breaths on your nose as possible, then expel them through your mouth, whenever you envision holding a marble with your pelvic floor muscle and waiting 3-5 seconds to release it. This will allow your other body muscles to rest while focusing your workout just on your vaginal area.

When is the ideal time to do them?

pelvic floor muscle

It was suggested that you lie on your back on a firm and flat surface while relaxing your entire body as you prepared for your first Kegel exercise.

This is because it is important to establish the habit and prepare your body for a new addition to your daily routine for the first time. You may do Kegel exercises whenever you want, no matter where you are.

While you’re standing in line to pay your bills, sitting at your business workstation, or even taking a shower. The sky is the only limit. You’ll get the best benefits if you do three sessions a day, each lasting at least 10 minutes. After all, no one will notice if you do this sort of workout.

Kegel exercises should be included in your normal activities as early as feasible in your life. It doesn’t matter if you start practicing Kegel exercises at the age of 20 or the age of 50. Only you have the power to select and decide.

With this endeavor, your entire health will undoubtedly be enhanced and improved.

How long does it take for Kegel exercises to work?

Kegel exercises to work

You engage a new muscle area each time you vary the posture in which you perform Kegel exercises, and so the outcome of the exercise changes.

Although the findings are similar, the time it takes to receive them might vary. Standing, sitting, lying down, crouching, or resting on your side can all help to extend the benefits for longer lengths of time. But don’t be concerned; each impact of this practice is unique to the individual, and it works differently for everyone.

The initial benefits of Kegel exercises might take up to two weeks on average.

Reduced spontaneous urine excretion, as well as strengthening of the whole urinary tract and tightness of the pelvic floor muscle, are the most typical outcomes.

If you haven’t had any previous genital surgery or haven’t had difficulties with a weaker pelvic floor muscle (you aren’t pregnant, haven’t had children, and haven’t had any previous genital surgery), it will be more difficult for you to see any results.

But don’t give up hope. Kegel workouts may also be used as a preventative measure, so it’s never too late to get your body in shape.

Several factors influence successful results, including how often you do the exercises (whether you do them three times a day every day or once or twice a week), in which positions you do them (although all positions are similar, exercising while lying on your back is the most recommended), and whether you have previously experienced difficulties that can be resolved with Kegel exercises. These exercises can also improve your sex life, just make sure to use the best quality sex toys while masturbating so you can prevent any future damage to your pelvic floor area.

In any case, keep motivated and don’t give up no matter what happens. Some women take many months to see any changes. What matters is that you look after your health and do everything you can to enhance your lifestyle and become the greatest version of yourself possible.

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