How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

Even if we all like to think of ourselves as full sex pros, there are still some things we need to perfect and master. We have to firmly agree with you if you believe that sexual talents and capacities differ in the male and female worlds.

True, most of it is universal, but it is simply a question of subtleties that separate us into two completely different planets. Is it just a question of perception and subjective emotion, or is it something else entirely?

In any case, when it comes to ideal sex, guys surely have some recommendations for women. If you’ve had sex with a man at least once in your life, you’ve probably noticed that there are some very specific things that men enjoy during sex and that will always be their turn-on.

Neck kisses, sexy attire, striptease dancing, and other methods to increase the mood and intensity before and during sex are all commonplace. However, you’d be amazed how many hidden and lesser-known procedures exist that guys secretly desire.

We’ve put together a list of the 18 finest and most intriguing pointers that men might provide women for improving in bed and perfecting the sexual experience. You may have already completed some of them, while others will be entirely new to you.

Overall, it’s a good idea to read all the way through and immediately implement what you’ve learned in your next sexual encounter. Your guy will be forever thankful to you.

1. Keep your eyes peeled for new ideas

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

While this may appear to be dull and useless advice, believe us when we say that if men despise anything, it is monotony. Allowing sex to become a habit and a duty, with the same techniques and rituals every time, is not a good idea.

Introduce your man to some new sex toys and sex games, get him out of the bedroom or do some kinky BDSM things once in a while. Whatever you choose to do, remember to keep it playful, creative, and adventurous.

2. Never stop teasing them

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

When we say teasing them, we don’t mean that you have to play the character of an unreachable girl who refuses to let a guy near her and constantly toys with his emotions. The key to this tip is games, but with a healthy dosage of sensuality and sexiness.

It’s best to tease him before the actual intercourse. Allow him to grow close to you, but don’t give in to his demands. Take command, yet in a charming manner. When you sense he’s approaching climax, attempt to slow down the sex rhythm to prolong the enjoyment.

Men love to work hard to attract a girl, so be alluring and entertaining. Nobody enjoys having everything handed to them in the palm of their hands without having to work for it. So you better make him work for it.

3. Use your mouth as often as you can

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

The sensation of your soft lips and warm saliva on his skin and body, in general, is absolutely unforgettable. Men adore it when everything is slick, wet, and steamy. Do whatever it takes, but make sure it’s primarily with your lips.

Kiss him on the body more often, go down on him more frequently, kiss his chest and ears, whatever it takes. They’re completely engrossed in it.

4. Talk dirty to them

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

Men do not desire a girl who will raise her voice and issue commands in bed while using profanity and improper language. Men desire a woman who knows exactly what she wants and knows how to get it.

Describe your wants and wishes in a calm, seductive tone, including what you want your guy to do, what you enjoy the most, and what gets you on. When voice and words lead the way, sex takes on a whole new meaning.

5. Don’t be scared to assert yourself

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

It’s as easy as that: don’t be afraid and quit holding back. Demonstrate who you truly are and what you honestly desire. Guys indeed want to be in charge during sex, and they’re suckers for dominating these interactions.

However, we feel that if you start leading now and again, it would be a huge turn-on for him. Demonstrate to him that you are in command and that you want to lead you both into the pleasure of ideal sex, where the female is in charge.

But make sure to do it courteously, otherwise, your time as a leader may be up before you realize it.

6. No matter how well you know them, always flirt

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

Every successful sex has seduction as a key component. Flirting is a type of foreplay in and of itself, and it is critical to make it incorporated into all sexual activities. Being flirty shows your partner that you think he’s appealing, attractive, and sexy.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only recently met or have known each other for a long time.

Every time you have sex, treat him as if you’ve just met him. Every time this approach to sex occurs, it arouses incredible passions and creates unforgettable memories and exciting new experiences.

7. Maintain a Healthy Masturbation Schedule

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

You don’t have to forget about your sexual pleasure just because you’re in a relationship or have regular and active sexual partners. Female masturbation, men believe, is a fantastic way to make sex fascinating, fresh, and inventive.

The more you masturbate, the higher your libido, the more positive bodily hormones you generate, and the more engaged you are in your sexual relationship. It’s just the healthiest approach to keep up with your sexual practice while also increasing your self-esteem and self-love.

Masturbation is generally a good idea, especially if you do it in front of your partner during your sexual encounter.

8. Don’t be hesitant about mentioning the usage of sex toys

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

Girls are frequently ashamed to suggest new sexual variants and practices, so they choose to stay quiet about what they have to say to avoid being criticized. Men, on the other hand, enjoy it when ladies take the initiative to modify their sexual routine and try new things.

When it comes to sex toys, this is especially the case. You and your partner may have a respectful and calm discussion about sex toys that fascinate you and that you’d want to try during intercourse.

This will allow your partner to express what he is interested in and what kind of encounter he would want. This helps you to reach an agreement on some sex gadgets that you may both use, such as massagers, vibrators, and ecstasy devices.

9. Talk to them about the aspects of sex that you’d like to improve

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

We frequently hear about girls having trouble expressing their sexual desires, emotions, or issues during sex. They don’t always agree with what’s going on, or they believe their partner might improve a few of bedroom concepts and techniques.

We have finally discovered the truth in this regard. Men want you to speak about it as much as possible. Don’t hold back. Of course, it isn’t necessary to make a big deal out of everything, but it is a great way to get your partner to talk about how you might enhance your sex life.

If something annoys you, feel free to express your dissatisfaction and provide a solution. Suffering and being silent are futile. You must both love sex in the same way.

10. Feel free to be a little naughty now and then

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

It’s true that good girls enchant men, and that the whole act of “being an angel” is rife with sensuality and mystery. But, now and then, it’s fun to let your slutty side shine and mix things up in the bedroom. You can be a little cheeky, provocative, or sexually free to an extreme extent.

Allow your imagination to run wild and prove to your boyfriend that you have a nefarious dark side that has yet to be discovered.

11. Try Edging

Orgasms are delightful. This explains why we make such a fuss about hunting them. Ceding pleasure, on the other hand, may benefit in the long run. Edging is a kind of orgasm control in which the sensation is gradually reduced as the individual approaches climax.

You’ll be able to experience a longer sex session with your partner and more climax after you give yourself that relief.

12. Switch things up a little with your sex positions

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

This veers into suggestions to be spontaneous, adventurous, and have a good time. Because sexual positions are such an important part of any sexual encounter, it’s best not to limit yourself to just one.

Investigate which sexual positions are most appealing to guys and take the initiative. Do your homework, and then propose a posture you’ve never tried before the next time you’re having sex.

Alternatively, begin to satisfy your partner’s wants, which you’ve been too frightened to do thus far. Forget about the safe, well-known, and outdated sexual postures that no one seems to care about any longer. It’s time to shake things up and break the mold.

13. Try not to dismiss your partner’s sentiments

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

Just because you want to improve your sex life with your partner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also consider his emotional needs. All of the processes that take place in a relationship, whether they take place in the bedroom or elsewhere, are based on emotions.

When issues emerge during sex, it’s often because your partner’s emotional needs aren’t being satisfied. Infiltrate a normal sexual routine with a discussion about your feelings or the process of satisfying your emotional demands.

This isn’t to say that you should stop having sex amid the heat and start talking about how you’re feeling. This is something you may do after sex when you want to show your mate some love, affection, and security.

14. Try prostate massage

The prostate gland, which is roughly the size of a peanut and is located between the bladder and the rectum, is densely packed with nerve endings. Some sexual health experts refer to the prostate as the “male G-spot” because it feels so good when it’s stimulated.

Because not all guys are interested in this method, you should usually consult with your partner before doing it.

15. Watch porn together

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

Pornography was not meant to teach us how to have sex and how to become professionals at it. Furthermore, porn is frequently an unrealistic, fictitious, and idealized representation of sexual experiences that are hard to achieve in real life.

As a result, if you and your partner decide to view pornographic films together, you should only do it to heighten the excitement in the bedroom. For most couples, watching porn simply assists to speed up the climax process, making partners more eager and stimulated.

And no, this isn’t the same as betraying your loved ones. It’s OK to observe other people nude or having sex because we’re all simply human beings comprised of blood and flesh.

This experience, especially if you do it with your partner with whom you are in a relationship, will only strengthen your bond on a deeper and more meaningful level.

16. The perineum should not be overlooked

During masturbation or intercourse, stimulating the perineum, commonly known as the space between your man’s balls and his butt, may feel incredibly pleasurable. Because this region is densely packed with sensory receptors, it feels extremely sensitive and tender.

During oral sex, you may either apply moderate pressure to the region or use more creative techniques such as licking or massaging it. Exploring your man’s body, no matter how much attention you devote to this otherwise sexy and sensuous area, is unquestionably important.

Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and go to work on your sex case.

17. Keep in mind that monogamy isn’t as common as it used to be

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

This may not be something your partner is considering, but it is certainly something you should think about. Polygamous couples and open partnerships are becoming increasingly common in modern times, which has a profound and substantial long-term impact on sexuality and even romance.

It will undoubtedly be a game-changer for both of you if you introduce a third member (or more) into your normal sexual practice. Consider how thrilling it would be to ask one of your friends or acquaintances (with whom you’ve always had a crush) to join you in your bedroom.

Consider doing it for your partner if you are certain it is something he would appreciate. You could enjoy it as well, and it might become a habit for you, which wouldn’t be so awful, would it?

18. Try giving them a tantric massage

How to Satisfy Your Partner: 18 Hot Sex Tips From Guys to Girls

If you’re not familiar with tantric massage, it’s a full-body, intensive massage that aims to circulate sexual energy throughout the body. Tantric massage involves one-way touch to stimulate all of the receiver’s pleasurable areas.

It’s designed to induce orgasmic bliss in the recipient, allowing your body to open up and experience more feelings and pleasure. Start by asking each other what you want to get out of the session.

For example, you could want to feel more aware, broaden your sexuality, or experience more thrills. It’s crucial to stay bonded throughout, so make eye contact whenever feasible.

The intention is for the provider to devote their entire attention to the receiver and how their contact may offer them more satisfaction.

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