Online Dating Stories: The Love Tale of a Real-Life Tinder Couple

Once upon a time, in the early ages of the birth of the world, when love was still hidden deep in its roots, individuals showed their devotion for other people via romantic letters, classical music sonata, and love poetry that today leaves us utterly breathless.

Love began to alter its initial forms as the modern age knocked softly on humanity’s door, and as technology expanded along with the younger generations, and it began to grow into something entirely new and revolutionary. As a result of these transgenerational shifts, we now find love in quite diverse areas as modern humans.

Unfortunately, our love letters are no longer sent around the world by pigeons on their backs, nor are we serenaded by guys in superbly fitted suits under windows. We now, among other things, discover love on the internet. Again, we must acknowledge that online adoration has become a widely accepted phenomenon experienced by millions of individuals all over the world.

Are we just enjoying all the benefits that our computers hide in all their might, or have we grown so introverted as modern-age people that we are physically bored of meeting our soul mate outdoors? In any case, love on the internet is not a question of mythology, but real-life order. And we are fully and utterly committed to it.

We present the real-life tale of a couple who met on Tinder, fell in love, and began planning their future together to demonstrate how much it is possible to discover love and establish a life with someone we met online.

Angela, a 27-year-old schoolteacher, decided to share with us her incredible love story of how she met her current fiancé on Tinder, and it absolutely restores our faith in love and mankind.

“I downloaded the Tinder app because I was bored to death.”

Online Dating Stories: The Love Tale of a Real-Life Tinder Couple

“I was still in college at the time, in fact, in my final year. I just had a few months left before graduating. I wasn’t in a committed relationship, but I was seeing a few insignificant individuals only to pass the time. I recall being at the park with my closest friend that same night, only a few hours before I downloaded Tinder for the first time in my life.

She was seated on an old wooden bench, and I was lying next to her, with my head resting in her lap, and it was already quite late. I recall crying because I was feeling extremely lonely at the time, and I’m not most comfortable at being alone. I suck at it big time.

It wasn’t simply boredom; several things encouraged me to begin looking for someone in formerly unknown areas, such as the internet. Then she came up with the idea of using Tinder. I saw no reason not to give it a shot, as boredom and loneliness had already begun to impair my mental health.

I came home, went to bed, put on some soothing music, and then got on Tinder to see what it was all about. I suppose it all began off quite regular. I started by posting a profile photo, followed by a little background about myself, and then came the best part: swiping left and right, exactly like a princess on a throne selecting her future king.”

“He wasn’t even my first choice.”

Online Dating Stories: The Love Tale of a Real-Life Tinder Couple

“Once the Tinder party began, I became fully engrossed in the entire story. I’ve started swiping left and right late into the night, and I’ve already created a few viable alternatives for myself. The most fascinating aspect of the tale is that I met my current fiancé on the very same night that I installed Tinder, but he wasn’t even my first pick.

I actually began chatting with another guy, which was a great deal of fun. I didn’t believe he wanted anything serious, and I could tell that by the way he spoke to me, but my objective at the time was also not a committed relationship. At the time, all I wanted from Tinder was to have some fun with someone and to pass the time.

A new message arrived after an hour or two of chatting with this other man. “Where are you?” said my future fiancé, with the worst opening line ever. I was completely taken aback. What do you mean, where am I? Who are you, and how did you message me so casually as if you’ve known me for years?

I had a million questions going through my mind, but as soon as I read his message, he made me smile. Those butterflies in my stomach began to flutter, and I forgot about all the other discussions I was having in a matter of seconds.

I instantly responded to him, stating, “I’m at home. Where are you?” And it was the start of it all.”

“That same night, our adventure began. I couldn’t believe the tricks that fate was playing on me.”

Online Dating Stories: The Love Tale of a Real-Life Tinder Couple

“He responded with an even stranger reply after reading my message: “I’m in a pub directly next to your present location. Why don’t you come out and have a drink with me?”  This is something I should explain first.

If you didn’t know, Tinder allows you to specify a radius of miles surrounding your current location in which you wish to locate someone to speak with. I decided to look for someone in an area that was as near to my location as possible, perhaps 5 or 10 miles away. And he was seated in a pub 50 meters away from my building.

The most amusing aspect of the entire tale is that he came to my city as a tourist while I was studying there. He was on vacation in my state from a whole other country. ” I’m only here for a few more days,” he said. “If you want to spend time together without any obligations and have fun, come to have a beer with me.” I phoned my best friend at the same time.

“You will not believe what a night I had,” I informed her. “Just a few hours ago, I was crying in the park with you, and now I’m getting ready to go out for a drink with a man who has come to visit our city.” She was blown away.

We chatted for a few minutes about whether or not it was safe for me to see someone I didn’t even know. We thought it was necessary to take chances and be daring on occasion if we desire to make some changes in our life. That’s how the finest things in life happen. Or the worst ones, but you never know unless you give it a go.

After all, we were meeting in a public area on a Saturday night, when there would be hundreds of other people surrounding us, so I wouldn’t be alone if something horrible happened. I decided to give it a shot. I dressed up, applied some light makeup, and was at the bar entrance in under 15 minutes.

He was standing in front of the bar, waiting for me, and smiling like a little boy on Christmas Eve while looking at his present. Our adventure began that same night, and I was completely unaware of it. I couldn’t believe the tricks that faith was playing on me.”

“His vacation became longer, and love blossomed.”

Online Dating Stories: The Love Tale of a Real-Life Tinder Couple

“When I arrived at the pub with him, I noticed that he was accompanied by a large group of friends. He already knew a lot of people in my city, which gave me hope that he wouldn’t rape and murder me, as I feared. He was simply just a regular guy going to see his friends in another country.

However, I must confess that I thought it was strange that he was on Tinder at the same time as he was out drinking with his pals. He confessed to me that he had grown a little tipsy and that his company had become monotonous. While he was still in town, he wanted to see if he could meet someone new. As a result of a series of events, he came across me.

We sat at a separate table from his group, drank beers, and spoke about our lives. We chatted about some strange and wonderful things, got to know each other better, and learned more about one another. When it was too late, I asked him back to my place, but he declined. He aspired to be a gentleman, and he succeeded.

I understood he wanted this connection to be more than simply a hook-up or a one-night fling for him. However, as I returned home and thought about everything that had occurred to me that night, I began to have questions about everything. If he was just in town for a few days, I felt it was a bit unusual that he would desire something more serious from this.

What was going through his mind? This was never going to work. But I decided to just sleep it off and see what happens. I didn’t want to second-guess myself. The next day, he invited me to lunch.

We spent the entire day together, and I could feel the love blossoming, and his trip was soon extended. He said that he had decided to stay in my city longer to get to know each other better.

He asked me to be his girlfriend four nights after that day, in the same pub where we originally met. I agreed even though it was not a reasonable or planned decision. I had no idea how it would work or whether it made sense, but I went with my heart rather than my head and simply said yes. Now I realize that was the wisest move I’ve ever made.”

“My life is a Cinderella story, and Tinder is my fairy Godmother.”

Online Dating Stories: The Love Tale of a Real-Life Tinder Couple

“I graduated from college shortly after our dating journey, and we both relocated to another city in my state. We got jobs, purchased a place to live, and started planning our future. Our relationship began when we were almost children, and now we are slowly growing into adults while holding hands and standing strong on our feet, hoping for the best.

He proposed to me after two years of dating and living together, and of course, I said yes without hesitation. I suddenly realized that ever since I met him, my life has been like a fairy tale. And if I do live in a fairy tale, I’m Cinderella, with Tinder as my fairy Godmother.

I’d be in a whole different place with a completely different person if it weren’t for him. It would be wonderful for me in any case, but it wouldn’t be my destiny.

I’m not sure where someone should look for love, and I’m not sure whether it’s the same for everyone in the world. Maybe the internet isn’t for everyone, but for some, it’s the ideal location to find their soulmate.

But my advice is to be patient and wait for love to come to you. Because it is going to happen. Love and fate are close friends who will never disappoint you. All you have to do now is wait for your fairy godmother, in whatever form she appears.”

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