12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

While the world stopped in 2020 when the Coronavirus began to spread through the world at the speed of light, some industries surely experienced a real boom—and the sex dolls industry is one of them.

Sex dolls have always been a thing—for some, they are pure nonsense, but for many (and we do think MANY) sex dolls are a necessity.

Unless you live under the rock, you are familiar with these types of products sold worldwide in sex shops (such as Emma’s Sex Store). At least, it’s commonly known what they are—a human-like doll which purpose is to serve its owner to enjoy sex without a real partner (or to say—masturbate?), or to serve as a crying shoulder (no bs, this is a common case).

Is that it?

Definitely not.

Many think about these dolls as ballons in form of a human body, or as unattractive bone-chilling sex objects.

These are not only misconceptions about sex dolls and their owners—people who enjoy their ‘’services’’ are often seen as perverts or individuals who endorse objectifying women (or even rape). So wrong!

We’re here to dispel any sex doll myths you may have, and we’re confident that some facts about them will astound you (and some might even lead you to provide yourself with one).

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts regarding sex dolls that aren’t well known.

Sex dolls are not a novelty

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

The forerunners of modern sex dolls are considered to be “ladies for travel”, which were used by European sailors in the seventeenth century (as per ‘’The Sex Doll: A History’’ book).

Namely, the French and the Spaniards sailed for a long time in colonial times in complete isolation from the civilization known to them. As there were no women on the ships (it is generally known that a woman on a ship brings bad luck) they had to find another way to satisfy their sexual urge.

From sewn fabric and old clothes they made improvised objects (sex dolls) which they used for masturbation purposes and called them: dame de voyage (French) or dama de viaje (Spanish).

We can only imagine how those ‘’ladies’’ looked like, and how unsanitary they were—since it’s hard to believe that sailors had time to properly clean them after each use. A hotbed of venereal diseases. Poor sailors.

When we talk about the United States, sex dolls come up a bit later in the public (actually, a few centuries later). In the United States, sex doll ads first appeared in erotic magazines in 1968.

Sex dolls can be highly customizable

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

Even though various great-looking sex dolls could be found in sex shops for everyone’s taste (for example, Emma’s Sex Store has numerous kinds of sex dolls—from anime sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls to BBW sex dolls, fantasy sex dolls, and everything in between), people love to have something that is customized to their preferences. Especially sex doll that is going to serve them as sexual partner (therefore has to arouse them).

That’s why manufacturers come to an idea to make these dolls fully customizable.

Everything from the race, height, thickness, hair color, eyes, lip shape, nail color, and amount of hair on the crotch to the depth of the holes that deliver the most enjoyment and appearance of the nipple can be customized.

This is a fantastic choice for people who have never had the chance to have sex with their ideal lover, but the only drawback is that it is rather costly.

They can be surprisingly heavy

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

This form of a sexual lover, despite being dolls, can be somewhat weighty.

The reason for this is that sex doll producers aim to make them as human-like as possible, hence they frequently include a metal skeleton. That is what gives them their heaviness.

They can range in weight from 11 pounds to 70 pounds and beyond.

There is an option to warm them up

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

As previously said, sex dolls are often considered cold objects (and we know that coolness is not the best friend to the penis and its size), due to the fact that is not a human being (duh?).

Luckily, the industry covered this obstacle too by inventing a couple of solutions to make the whole experience in the sheets much enjoyable.

  • Some sex dolls have a built-in heating mechanism. Dolls are heated by connecting them with a cable that is plugged into a wall socket. This is definitely not an on-a-budget option.
  • Heating wands are less expensive and can perform a good job. These wands are designed to heat specific areas (anal, vaginal, or oral opening). It’s simple and inexpensive, but it has a weakness: it can’t deliver “body heat,” making the experience less genuine.
  • Heating electric blankets as a budget-friendly option go well with heating wands—and this enables one to get the whole doll warm and ready for pleasant usage.

Penetration sleeves make everything much easier

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

So-called penetration sleeves are actually vaginal, anal, and oral openings that can be removed from the doll and are easier to clean after use (or heated before use—with warm water for example).

This is a great idea, we must agree. Since sex dolls can be heavy-weight, it’s much easier to just wash off actually used parts (you know what we mean by this), instead of dragging the whole doll into the bathroom to give her a washing.

Of course, if one prefers ejaculating on other parts of the body instead of inside of the penetration sleeves—the mess has to be cleaned properly. But manufacturers did give users an easier option.

One can’t just use any lube

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

Since sex dolls can’t get wet, lube is a must. Which lube should be used depends on the user’s preferences and the material of which sex doll is made.

  • Water-based lube goes well with all types of materials, and it’s the one that is easiest to clean after the act is done. The downside of using this lubricant is that dries up fast, and thus needs reapplying more often than other types of lubes.
  • Silicone-based lube can’t be used with dolls made of silicone, because it will cause damage to the silicone surface of the doll with which interacts. Every other material is welcomed with this type of silky liquid that makes the penetration smooth and realistic.
  • Oil-based lube can’t be used with latex condoms—or sex dolls made of latex (which is rare, but it’s better to mention). Luckily, it’s not so common to share a sex doll with anyone else, so users don’t need to use condoms. Oil-based lubes are also time-consuming when it comes to cleaning the mess after the session.

Brothels as sex dolls’ ‘’houses’’

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

Yes, brothels that offer services from sex dolls do exist all around the world—from Canada to Prague. Since the oldest craft is developing following the trends of the 21st century, today you can pay not only for the services of a living woman but also for life-size silicone ladies.

We can assume that prostitutes around the globe are not happy with this fact.

Most requested celebs lookalike sex dolls

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

People used to be able to just fantasize about having sex with celebrities, but now it’s practically attainable – although with a sex doll that looks eerily like famous actors, singers, and models. But not without the threat of legal action.

The law prohibits the manufacture of sex dolls modeled after celebrities, yet no one can change the fact that certain dolls resemble celebrities quite closely.

A sex doll that looks like Marilyn Monroe is the most sought after.

The connection between Barbie and sex dolls

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

In 1955, the Bild Lilli doll, a miniature doll modeled on a stunning German actress and marketed for adult males, was released in Germany.

She lacked penetration openings, but she was erotic and could be classified as a sex doll. When Barbie was first introduced in 1959, it was said to be inspired by Bild Lilli.

Sex dolls aren’t only human-like

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

While this sounds disgusting to many, people actually have an animal fetish. And as long as it ends with empty thoughts and sexual fantasies— who are we to judge? The problem arises when animals are exploited for sexual purposes—and it’s needless to say how unethical it is.

We assume that this is the reason why the production of sex dolls in the shape of animals started.

Most often, they are inflatable dolls, or fabric-based stuffed sex dolls in the shape of a goat, a sheep, or other animals.

Adolf Hitler as sex dolls inventor rumor

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

This man has a lot of negative names attached to him, as well as a lot of rumors. One of them is the claim to be the inventor of sex dolls.

The ‘’Borghild Project’’ is rumored to be a German project that allegedly existed during World War II and was intended at limiting the transmission of syphilis among Nazi forces by affording sex dolls to soldiers.

As per the myth, Adolf Hitler approved a proposal to grant his soldiers inflatable sex dolls that they could carry in their luggage to avoid sexual encounters with prostitutes in Paris (where syphilis was spreading at lightning speed at the time).

This is a completely bogus rumor.

Some sex dolls can be a hella pricey

12 Facts About Sex Dolls You May Not Have Known

High-end dolls, as they are known, are artificial intelligence dolls with varied capabilities like winking, chatting, moaning, and so on. They are a privilege of the wealthiest – at least for now (the future may bring an opportunity to everyone being able to have those dolls in bed).

The price of such robot dolls can be more than $10,000.

You now may be wondering regarding these types of dolls—are sex dolls worth it? It is self-evident that they are worth it, given the high demand and high likelihood of purchase.

There are countless on-budget solutions for individuals who don’t want their sex doll to grin or get goosebumps from time to time.

After all, who needs those minor details for good sex sesh.

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