Why Guys Love Female Orgasms?

Have you ever wondered how guys feel about female orgasms and how they differ from male orgasms? Male orgasms are a pure ejaculation process with arousal and basic sexual tension behind them, but female orgasms are sensuous, intensely erotic, passionate, emotional, and spiritual.

Apart from the fact that women appear to be far more attractive than guys during orgasms, we are certain that there is much more to the phrase “men enjoy female orgasms” than meets the eye. Specifically, we are confident that a variety of psychological factors influenced our decision.

A man living in a toxic masculinity society likely feels obligated to offer total security to a woman at any cost, which is mirrored in sexual pleasure as well.

Do guys believe that if they give a girl a wonderful orgasm, they are showing her that they care about her? Is it a need to control sex, like most things in life, or is it something else entirely? Is it true that a woman’s orgasm makes a man more masculine? We’ve done our homework, so stay tuned.

His ego

Why Guys Love Female Orgasms?

New research shows that, as one might expect, female orgasm is intimately linked to masculinity, and that if that orgasm is missing, it may threaten the whole sense of masculine identity in the long term.

At the very least, his most important characteristic- his ego. For this reason, many women all around the world opt to pretend or fake orgasm in order to protect their men’s feelings and emotions. Is this essential, and are we knowingly approving toxic masculinity’s claim that our orgasms are perceived as “men’s successes”?

In the same study, we discovered that the majority of the men polled were concerned about the pleasure a woman experienced and exhibited during sex and orgasm, but only if he was the only one capable of providing that level of pleasure. Even if he discovers in the future that her orgasm was faked, we are confident that he will refuse such a claim since he is certain that he did an excellent job. Yeah, right.

However, because it is not all about his ego, the positive side is that the female orgasm was exclusively attractive for some very selfless reasons for several men surveyed during the mentioned studies, such as the happiness of the woman he satisfies, her charismatic appearance, and energy during orgasm, or simply because a good orgasm served as a great influence on their future relationship.

His desire to be a good lover

Why Guys Love Female Orgasms?

If it isn’t during sex, men almost never seek or get any type of affection. Men use sex to relieve tension, exhaustion, and anxiety, among other things.

Sex becomes a pastime or a recreational activity over time, and there is a significant conflict of interest. “I want someone to love me, and I find love in sex, therefore sex must be as successful as possible, and I must be as excellent as possible in order to obtain that love”, for example.

Being a good lover entails far more than giving a satisfying orgasm, although you must admit that it is a fantastic start. If he succeeds in sexually satisfying you, you will want to have sex with him again.

If he’s lucky the second time, your sex will become regular, and you’ll be able to create stronger emotions and sentiments for him as a result. Isn’t it true that he purchased love with orgasm, in some way? Being a good lover pays off handsomely. Your orgasm might bring you closer in ways you never imagined.

His good name

Why Guys Love Female Orgasms?

Do men ever cease to surprise us? He is guided by the ancient adage “happy clients maintain a profitable business,” which is one of the reasons he enjoys your orgasms. If your relationship is just based on sex and not on emotions or hidden interests, then that sex is essentially a marketing tactic disguised, and it’s there to spread the word about his abilities among some new girls in town.

Don’t allow this presumption make you despise males for the rest of your life, because it doesn’t necessarily imply anything negative. We agree that it doesn’t sound very loyal, that it even puts you in a perilous situation, and that you could have to explain your awful choice of guys to your best friends. But don’t give up hope.

He didn’t give you such a terrific orgasm just to make you feel wonderful. He had to learn those deft motions that you admired from someplace.

His reputation is very important to him, and he keeps it by ensuring that you are satisfied as much as possible at any given time. After the “task” is completed, you determine what kind of review to leave.

Theory of orgasms

Why Guys Love Female Orgasms?

According to sexologists, straight women have much less orgasmic experience than women of other sexual orientations. On the one hand, we have men’s clumsiness and ignorance, while on the other side, we have women’s disinterest and reluctance. What exactly does that imply?

It is conceivable for a guy to be unable to please a woman and provide her with an amazing orgasm, but if the woman does not want the orgasm to occur in the first place, he will be entirely failed. Women are the true monarchs of their bodies, and there is nothing that can make them feel bad about saying no to you.

Sometimes sex isn’t simply a climax on the way to orgasm; it’s the climax in and of itself, and it doesn’t matter whether it culminates in an explosion or not. Orgasm cannot be planned, controlled, managed, or sculpted in accordance with one’s wants and interests. And, no matter how hard guys try, pure vaginal penetration accounts for the smallest percentage of female orgasms.

It’s no one’s responsibility if the sex you offer her alone doesn’t always lead to a climax. Although other combinations (such as clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration at the same time) can be used to achieve the optimum results. Men like female orgasms for a variety of reasons, but the fact that orgasm occurred at all is what counts most to them. Of course, if it isn’t a scam. But believe me, he’ll figure it out.

The fact that you enjoy yourself more than he does

Why Guys Love Female Orgasms?

According to several studies, most males under 60 claim to think about sex or any sexual activity at least once a day, whereas just a quarter of women polled agreed. However, just because some people think about sex more frequently does not indicate they feel more pleasure during the act of sex.

If we argue the reverse, we may also argue that women have more pleasure and satisfaction during sex since they can have more orgasms at once. Or is it possible that this is the case? Multiple orgasms with a good partner do indicate a higher level of enjoyment during sex, but this may be confirmed by a variety of circumstances.

Men are well aware of the pleasure experienced by women when they engage in any sexual activity, and they want to feel as helpful as possible. Because there would be no pleasure if the external conditions that made it possible in the first place did not exist. How could we possibly experience pleasure if there is no external factor that influences the sexual processes that occur within and around us?

Men are vital for this sexual cycle, and their involvement is quite crucial, whether women want to accept it or not, which may explain why they like female orgasms so much. That, plus the fact that when we have sex, we sound really seductive.

As you probably already know, pleasure comes in many different forms. How will he know you’re having a good time? Changes in voice tone when you moan or sigh (voice becomes deeper and more serious), sweating and increased body temperature, shortness of breath, blushing, vaginal lubrication, increased muscle, tension, hard nipples, unconsciously opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue (but in a hot way), and so on are just some of the ways to recognize pleasure in women.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself, regardless of why the guy enjoys your orgasms so much; nevertheless, if we didn’t satisfy your curiosity, it’s time to have a real chat with your partner. Good luck.

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