Sex Dolls

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How realistic are sex dolls?

  • Adult female dolls produced nowadays are more realistic than ever since they are made of enhanced skin-like materials. TPE is the most commonly used material for making adult sex dolls. It’s a material identical to silicone and quite close to natural skin. It’s also excellent at holding heat. Considering the dolls are made from molds (the imprints of real people’s body parts), they are highly anatomically correct.

How to use sex dolls?

  • It is pretty easy to use your doll for sexual practice: after unpacking it, you should first wash her (because she came out of the factory). The next step is to have her warmed up (use a heating blanket or insert the heating rod in the desired hole). Before the act itself, choose a pose for her, and fill her hole with lube. Clean her after each use.

How do people clean sex dolls?

  • When washing, avoid using harsh chemicals. Clean sex doll’s body and holes (pay special attention to them) with shower gel or soap and lukewarm water. Rinse it thoroughly, and never put the doll away wet. Lastly, powder her. What you should never do: postpone cleaning and soak a doll in water.