Japanese Sex Dolls

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How realistic are Japanese sex dolls?

  • Japanese sex dolls are pretty lifelike and look like genuine Japanese girls. It is because Japanese dolls are created from molds that are imprints of real women. Their hair, eyes, lips, and entire figure are exact replicas of typical Japanese girls. Japanese females are known for their perfect skin, and these Japanese dolls are no exception – TPE material is to credit.

Who makes the best high-end Japanese sex dolls?

  • Numerous manufacturers create high-quality and faultless Japanese sex dolls, but SEDOLL is one of the best. This company specializes in creating exquisite and lifelike dolls. Each one is made of body-safe materials (such as TPE, which is also a material known for the remarkable resemblance of the skin) and can be positioned in many poses.

How much are Japanese sex dolls?

  • Pricing for Japanese dolls is impacted by a number of elements, including realism (resemblance to actual women), mobility, size, the material used to make the doll, accessories that come with the doll, and others. There are affordable yet fully functioning Japanese dolls that are ideal for sexual activity and dolls that cost tens of thousands of dollars. In the end, It all depends on one’s financial situation.