Sex Doll Torsos

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What does a sex doll torso feel like?

  • Modern sex doll torsos are made to look and feel like the actual body. They have delicate, smooth skin that is pleasing to touch (sex doll torsos made from commonly used TPE are incredibly life-like). They have realistically soft nipples, and the molding of their vaginas is quite detailed. Torso sex dolls have anatomically accurate anuses as well. They are all modeled on real people.

What do you need to maintain a sex doll torso?

  • To keep your half-size sex doll in good condition, you’ll need the following: Sulfate-free soap or gentle liquid soap; lukewarm water (never use hot or boiling water); a soft, dry towel; powder (corn starch/flour or baby powder).  It would be best if you clean it before first use and after each use. What not to do: submerge love doll torso; use a hairdryer on dolls, or use aggressive soaps or other abrasive cleaning materials.

How to store sex doll torso?

  • It’s best to have the sex doll torso lying flat in a sex doll storage box or the original packing box at room temperature and in a dry place. Do not store the doll in dark clothing until it has been checked for colorfastness, and avoid storing it directly in the sun. Also, avoid keeping the torso in excessively demanding positions for a long duration.