Dog Dildos

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What do dog dildos look like?

  • Dog dildos come in numerous designs, all of which resemble dog penises (or generally canine penises). You will come across dog penis sex toys with pointed glans, a large protrusion just above the base of the penis (these are known as knotted dildos), emphasized veins to mimic actual dog dildos and many more. Practically all of them include a suction cup for hands-free usage. Dog dick dildos come in a variety of sizes, which one to choose is based on personal tastes.

Why is the knot on dog dildos pleasurable?

  • The knot on dog cock dildos is enjoyable since it makes the insertion and removal of the dildo more challenging and stimulating. It is located near the base of the knotted dog dildo and serves the primary goal of making the user more “full.” Many people are excited by the thought of widening the vagina and anus with a bulge like a knot on a dog dildos.

Where to find high-quality dog dildos?

  • Here at Emma’s Sex Store, you can select your favorite design of quality and body-safe dog penis sex toy or other canine dildos (like wolf dildos). Online shopping protects your privacy while allowing you to pick which dog dildos are most suited to your needs. There is no charge for shipping.