Squirting Dildos

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How to use a realistic squirting dildo?

  • Realistic squirting dildos like other dildos are used for penetration. The difference is that a little preparation is needed before using this type of toy. For the dildo to have something to burst when you want it, it is necessary to fill it with safe liquid as desired (usually it is water or a lubricant provided for that). The method of filling differs from dildo to dildo, so it is necessary to read the user manual (most often it is filled by inserting water through the head using the vacuum effect).

Can you feel realistic squirting dildo cumming inside you when they squirt?

  • The feeling of being “filled” with fluid depends on whether you normally feel sperm during ejaculation. With almost any realistic squirting dildos, it is possible to adjust the intensity of ejaculation (depending on how hard you press the pump or testicles), so the sensation of squirting can vary.

How to clean a realistic squirting dildo?

  • Cleaning this type of dildo requires a little more effort than cleaning a standard dildo because the inside must be cleaned as well. Even this, though, is not a difficult procedure; simply drawing soapy water into the pump and ejaculating it out is sufficient. The dildo’s outside is likewise washed with lukewarm soapy water. It is important to thoroughly dry the toy before storage.