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What are onaholes?

  • Onahole is a Japanese term for Japanese¬†male sex toys. They are often made of soft material (such as TPE) with no hard casing covering them, and they feature a variety of attractive, unique, and exciting designs. The phrase is derived from a combination of two Japanese words: “onani” (which means ”masturbation”) and “horu” (which means ”hole”). Pocket pussy (artificial vagina/anus/mouth) is analogous to Japanese onahole.

Do I need lube to use onaholes?

  • Lubricant should be used before each masturbation with Japanese onahole. Water-based lube is always the best choice because it is compatible with TPE and silicone sex toys like onaholes are. Keep in mind: Do not use saliva to prepare your Japanese male sex toy since saliva contains bacteria that might affect your health in the long run, and it dries up too rapidly to be a good solution. Household oils (as well as grease) are also not suggested.

What to consider when choosing onaholes?

  • When selecting the ideal Japanese onahole, keep the following in mind: Design (onahole as small girl body, mouth, vagina, anus); size (must fit you possibly the best); material (must be body-safe, such as TPE); tunnel design (How intense stimulation do you want? ); hole type (Do you want your penis to pass through or not pass through to the other side of the toy? ), and so on.