What Is Jelqing and Is It Good For You

Tell me something more debate-triggering when it comes to men than their penis size. I’ll wait.
No such thing, right?
Penis size has been a topic of debate since time immemorial. What is the average size of the erect penis? Is it true that gay men have bigger manhood? What are women’s preferences for penis size? And quite frequently – how can the penis be enlarged?
It’s 2021, and the possibilities are endless, so why not have a penis enlargement method that works? That’s what many people are wondering.

However, things are complex, and we’ve compiled for you everything you need to know about jelqing – cheap, simple-to-do, and efficient (according to many) methods for increasing penis length.

And no worries, if jelqing doesn’t do wonders to your length (and girth), we know what might. And we will share that with you.

First, let us introduce you to jelqing.

What Is Jelqing

What Is Jelqing and Is It Good For You

The term “jelqing” is a translation of the Persian “jalq zadan,” where “jalq” means “to masturbate,” and ”zadan” means ”to stroke”. The method dates back to ancient times in the Arab countries.
Jelqing is a manual technique of synchronous squeezing and stroking the penis from base to glans undertaken on the partly flaccid penis. Basically, the doer pulls the penis toward the tip while gripping the base of the slightly erect penis with the thumb and index finger (similarly to the ”OK gesture”). To be even more descriptive – from the side, it would look like you were milking yourself.
This is done over a long time, and each stretch is considered to cause a rip in the penile tissue, allowing scarring to fill in the gap and make it appear larger.

Does Size Even Matter

What Is Jelqing and Is It Good For You

Society associates a man’s penis size with his manhood and strength, and we can freely blame that very same society for the insecurity men have about their private parts.

An online survey of 52,031 heterosexual men and women was conducted to get opinions on penis size and its importance. The majority of men (66%) assessed their penis as average, 22% as big, and 12% considered themselves to have a small penis. Penis size was positively correlated with height (meaning higher person – lengthier penis) and negatively correlated with body fat percentage (chubbier individual – thinner penis). While 85 percent of women were happy with their partner’s penis size, just 55 percent of men were satisfied with their privy parts.

In 2014, 137 males completed a survey for the study (Beliefs about Penis Size: Validation of a Scale for Men Ashamed about Their Penis Size), the goal of which was to see if beliefs in men who felt ashamed about the size of their penis were related to their actual size. The research concluded that it does not. For most guys, this is a reason to celebrate – their assessment is probably incorrect. Most likely, the size of your penis is sufficient for everyone, except for you.

Contemplate that for a moment. 

Are you still curious about how to manually enlarge your penis? Keep on reading.

Here’s How To Jelq (Jelqing Exercises)

What Is Jelqing and Is It Good For You

These are the steps that should be followed to do this technique correctly:

  • With the forefinger and thumb, make a circle around the whole base of the penis;
  • Gradually shrink the loop until it presses comfortably against the penis shaft;
  • Steadily slide the ring toward the penis’s tip. Once you reach your glans, release the ring. It should take a maximum of 5 seconds to complete the move. Alleviate the pressure if it discomfort or pain at any moment.
  • Exercise for 15 – 20 minutes each day.


  • Practice jelqing on a partly-erect penis because chances of harming yourself are presumably higher on a hardened penis.
  • Make sure your penis is lubricated. To avoid creating too much tension or burning between your hand and penis, use lube to make your penis damp and slippery. You can find your preferable lubricant in sex shops such as Emma’s Sex Store.
  • If you’re also using a penis pump or enhancer, jelqing should be practiced after the session with the mentioned equipment.
  • One of the most important things to remember is that body, your hands, penis, and lubricants should all be warmed. Low temperatures cause vascular constriction, which causes the penis to shrink (you know as it does in cold weather). Wrapping your penis in a warm cloth before you start doing the exercise will do the job just fine. Wrapping it after will let your penis relax.
  • Reduce your grip pressure and pace somewhat during the last minute or two of jelqing to avoid soreness or inflammation.
  • If you wish to lessen any penile bend, pull against the curvature to increase blood circulation and tissues on the contrary direction. Instead of ”OK gesture,” put your index finger underneath and thumb on the upper side of the penis. Gently start pulling. This is believed to make the penis straighter.

Don’t be lazy to practice but also don’t overdo. Four to five times a week is frequent enough to you potentially see some results.

Side Effects

What Is Jelqing and Is It Good For You

Boys start exploring their private parts much earlier than girls. It is widely accepted as normal and risk-free behavior. It is, but only when done correctly, with some background knowledge of masturbation (preferably not from the porn industry).

According to research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in March 2021, masturbation is frequently discovered by boys around the age of 13 without much education or safety supervision. There have been cases of youngsters suffering from penile injuries resulting from harsh jelqing (yes, jelqing), inappropriate masturbation, some of which include vacuum cleaners.

Don’t look up online for images of penis conditions after inappropriate jelqing. Allow us to describe what happens when you have no idea what you’re doing but believe you’re jelqing (and you’re doing it as if it’s your final day on Earth):

  • bruises all across penis (from harsh squeezing);
  • along the shaft, there is stiffness or soreness;
  • rashes on the skin (from rubbing too long or too rough);
  • as a last and most serious consequence – erection dysfunction (from ignorance).

Don’t be that guy. Focus on your goal (which is increasing the length of your penis), and you will achieve it as long as you are friendly to your manhood. By friendly, we primarily mean – not rough.

Does Jelqing Work

What Is Jelqing and Is It Good For You

What is certain is that there aren’t enough medical studies to prove that jelqing can actually expand the size of your penis. At least not for good.
There are numerous firsthand reports of successful gaining inches by jelqing (such as one from the guy who said that he does jelqing exercises 300 times a day, which is far from recommended – to be clear), but still no solid medical evidence.

If you follow the steps outlined above, you will have nothing to lose by attempting this method. After all, even if you don’t gain any inches, you’ll have a great time.

Is There Anything Else

What Is Jelqing and Is It Good For You

We wanted to make sure that neither your wallet nor your health was negatively impacted (which is possible with expensive surgeries). Here are some of our favorite less costly solutions for you:

  1. Penile extenders (penile traction devices): In 2010, a review was published from a study that aimed to see whether non-surgical methods of penile enlargement had any scientific backing. They concluded that extenders can be pretty beneficial.
  2. Penis pumps: This is an even less expensive option also available online at Emma’s Sex Store. Of course, you’ll have to learn how to use a penis pump first.
    The procedure for using a penis pump is straightforward: you place your penis in a long tube air-filled, and the mechanism suctions all of the air away. This causes blood to rush into your penis, which results in an erection. You can place a penis ring at the base of your penis once you’re erect to keep it firm longer (for up to 30 minutes) while you have sex or masturbate. 

Should You Give It A Try

What Is Jelqing and Is It Good For You

After discovering everything there is to know about jelqing, it’s up to you to decide whether you genuinely want to try enlarging your penis, if you need it if you’re capable of doing it safely, and if you’d instead use a gadget to do it for you. As long as you’re not gripping your penis too hard, too often, or too violently, jelqing is harmless.
Now, make a decision and let us know how your experience went in the comments.

And keep in mind—no penis is useless if the owner knows what to do with it.

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