Here’s Why You Need a Sex Pillow in 2021: Guide On How to Get the Best Out of It

Many would agree that when it comes to sex—there are no limits.

You can try it all—from sex machines to various dildos and vibrators (and you can buy it all online at Emma’s Sex Store). And while we all seek extravagant gadgets to make our sex encounter remarkable and unforgettable, we lose from our sight simple, yet effective items that are at the reach of our hands.

Sex pillows are one of those.

Of course, putting a pillow beneath you for deeper penetration is not a novelty (for many), but using a pillow designed for sex purposes may be. And we are here to talk about those pillows—pillows which are designed to make many common poses incomparably better and effective.

Many will tell that sex is not necessary for ”big O” and that orgasm can be quite satisfying when it occurs due to masturbation. However, the study conducted on a total of 503 women showed that orgasms experienced due to sex with a partner are much better than those during masturbation.

In the following text, we will guide you through types of sex pillows that are available nowadays, sex poses you can try with these types of sex furniture—and therefore to achieve climax quickly and easily with the help of a sex pillow.

But first—what the heck is a sex pillow?

What is a sex pillow

Sex pillow

People do have preferences for penis size (at least we know what are women’s preferences for penis size according to this research from 2015).

But what to do when the size you own is not in the group of “desirable” and “sufficient”?

That is where the sex pillow comes into play, because one of its primary uses is deeper (and convenient) penetration, especially when the partner doesn’t have a staggering size between the legs.

A sex pillow is a piece of sex furniture that is designed to support up different regions of the body, such as the stomach, buttocks, back, and hips so that anyone can practice various types of sexual positions with comfort, and to achieve angles that are difficult to achieve with the regular pillow.

As a result, multiple kinds of sex pillows differ in shape, size, and material according to someone’s preferences.

Sex pillows, unlike conventional bed pillows, are comprised of materials that maintain their original shape during sexual activities. Some of them may include water-resistant layers to keep lubrication and body fluid out of the pillows.

Also, some sex pillows may feature restraints for BDSM practice, while on some pillows sex toys like dildos and vibrators can be attached.

Types of sex pillows

types of sex pillows

As with everything else nowadays, the selection of sex pillows is enormous—they come in many forms and sizes, which makes it hard to choose.

To help you choose one for yourself, here’s the list of the most popular types of sex pillows that will do the job perfectly:

  1. Wedge sex pillow. A triangular wedge pillow could be used to lift the hips or buttocks. This is the traditional sex pillow shape. It’s ideal for missionary poses and probably the most popular sex pose among many—doggy. This cushion allows deep-throat sessions too.
  2. Ramp sex pillow. The ramp is often triangular, but it is larger and has a more gentle slope than the above-mentioned wedge sex pillow. Because they are bigger, ramp pillows allow for even deeper penetration and enable you and your partner to experience a variety of positions if you have a huge height difference. It’s also a good option for individuals who adore reverse cowgirl riding.
  3. Wedge-ramp sex pillow. This combination is designed for various poses that will make a sexual encounter enjoyable for both parties. Since they are a bit bigger than regular sex pillows, the sex pillow duo is perfect for users with larger bodies.
  4. Cylindrical sex pillow. Long cylindric pillows are another sort of sex cushion that can offer rolling movements to a variety of poses or just provide assistance behind your knees or hips. Tip: this type of pillow can be used for traveling too—it has a quite general shape, so no one will know for what you use it primarily.
  5. Half-moon sex pillow. We all know how difficult it may be to maintain a solid all-four stance amid hardcore sexual activity. That’s why this sex position cushion is ideal for the from-behind pose: it allows you to bend over with your hips elevated and your privates ready for (deep9 usage without putting strain on your elbows and knees.
  6. Inflatable sex pillow. These are perfect for those on a budget, and so for those who travel often and don’t want to lack sexual pleasure on the trip. Inflatable sex pillows are easy to inflate and deflate and at the same time are firm enough to support any pose one prefers.
  7. Waterproof sex pillow. Sex on the beach? Great idea! With these waterproof sex cushions, you can enjoy having sex in various angles, without worrying about water and moisture. Also, body fluids, lubricants, and many other fluids that are common during sex (let’s just say that anal sex can be messy) are not obstacles with this pillow. Just clean it after each use.

Best ways to use sex pillows

best use of sex pillows
  1. Oral sex. The inevitable part of good sex. Whether if a hetero or homosexual couple wants to enjoy it, sex pillows are great for this type of sex—deep throat is easier to achieve when one of the partners leans on the pillow and moves his head over its edge. This frees up space in the throat and allows for smoother (and deeper) penetration. Also, the pillow allows easier access to private parts, when you place it under your back, which increases the chances of reaching the climax faster. Take the best of both worlds!
  2. Anal sex. Although anal sex is a topic that many people find unpleasant, it does not have to be frightening. It is sufficient to place a pillow beneath the hips (lying on the stomach) so that you lay at its highest point to aid anal penetration and “everything to glide smoothly.” A lubricant and a waterproof pillow, or one with a machine-washable pillowcase, are ideal partners in this attempt.
  3. Not just any missionary. By now, we have mentioned several times how sex pillows allow deep penetration. Many people avoid this pose because of its ”dullness,” but with these little helpers, it will be everything but boring. Placing a sex pillow beneath your lower back (bum) will make deep penetration easy-peasy, and hitting the G-spot way more effortless.
  4. Hitting from behind. Depending on which sex pillow you find most fitting for your needs, you may in almost every case use it for doggy assistance. If you want (or have) a cylindrical pillow, leaning on it will come with an extra feature—rolling. Back and forth, in and out—arousing, right?
  5. Masturbation. You’ve heard us! Everything is much easier when you have support—and your support here is a sex pillow. For solitary sesh, lean back on a wedge sex pillow and use the thicker part as a headrest.
  6. And everything you can think of. Like many other sex toys, sex pillows have multiple functions—as much as there are people capable of imagination.

Benefits of sex pillow

benefits of sex pillows

If you still are not quite sure if you want one, check out this list of benefits sex pillows offer:

  • It allows you to experiment with new sex positions that may otherwise be uneasy and unachievable.
  • If you and your partner are not even close to a similar height, these pillows allow you to have sex unhindered, even though it is often a problem while you have intercourse.
  • Deep penetration even with a small package.
  • Plus size kings and queens will love it.
  • Anyone with injuries or any kind of pain will find them very useful because they are both solid as support and soft enough not to cause additional pain.
  • Sex pillows are fun and unusual—and who doesn’t want something like that for sex?
  • Easy to clean, waterproof, and inflatable—everything you need for quick use.

So, should you try it? We would say—yes.

Do you actually need it? After you’ve read the whole article, there’s no way you are not sure.

Let us know in the comments below what are your thoughts on this type of sex furniture, and how would you recommend using sex pillows for a better sexual experience.

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