7 Great Sex Tips For Girls From Guys

We can all agree that sex is a lovely practice that many of us take pleasure into the utmost extent possible. What makes it even more amazing is that everyone experiences it in their unique manner.

Sex elicits a wide range of feelings and attitudes in us, which we happily share with others, particularly those with whom we engage in this activity. Our sexual partners have frequently had access to a plethora of information, instruction, and direction on how to completely fulfill us and provide us with ideal pleasure.

Women frequently tell their lovers what they enjoy and don’t like during sex, they have strong opinions about their sex lives, and they frequently reflect on it (according to this new study). There are generally a variety of viewpoints about which sex is the greatest.

How frequently, on the other hand, do we get to hear the male perspective? What advice might males provide to women to help them enhance their talents and drive their lovers insane? Men sometimes expect women to dress up and put on make-up, or play sensual music in the background, to be more prepared for sex.

On the other side, they occasionally wish for all of their unmet sexual dreams to be satisfied. We completed our study and found that guys believe that great sex is made up of a few particular characteristics, which we’ve listed below.

Surprise them with sexy lingerie

sexy lingerie

You could figure it out yourself, ladies. We realize that you may not have the desire to get all dolled up before sex, especially if you know that all your make-up will be smeared and all your clothing will be tossed on the floor in a matter of minutes.

But, believe it or not, your physical appearance counts a lot in those few minutes before you take action. When you buy new beautiful lingerie and store it for a special occasion, your partner is ecstatic. Guys adore your sexy lingerie.

The element of surprise is the key to transforming dull sex into beautiful intercourse that will be remembered for a long time.

The finest sexy lingerie to pick is one that hides your private body parts, yet is provocative enough to stimulate (since the mystery is also essential for better sex).

You should pick the finest quality brand of sexy lingerie so that it has both elegance and seduction qualities, as well as quality and a long-term warranty.

Give your man as many kisses as you can

sex tips

Don’t be afraid to show off your lovely lips. Kisses during foreplay, as well as during intercourse, are said to be a man’s favorite activity.

Men view your sex kisses, no matter how many you give out, as a reward for a job well done, and as an incentive to put in even more effort. Plus, the sensation of your hot saliva on your man’s sweaty body is thrilling enough on its own, so you can’t go wrong.

You’re telling your guy with your kisses that you’re soft and innocent, ready for a wild sexual experience and that you’re submitting to his sexual cravings. Of course, these kisses aren’t limited to lip kisses.

Start kissing your boyfriend on his neck, ears, shoulders, chest, stomach, thighs, and arms to be even more creative. You are certain to increase his arousal and stimulate him to a new degree wherever you trail your lips over his body.

Find your sexual voice

sexual voice

Nothing is more unpleasant than a quiet and shy girl during sex. Don’t get us wrong: some men (and women) enjoy the silence and seek partners who won’t make too many noises. Most guys, on the other hand, enjoy it when you let your voice run wild. 

During sex, your voice acts as a reinforcement that you enjoy what is happening to you. Moaning, shouting, sighing, and dirty talk are just a few of the noises you may make while having sex to make your partner feel pleased with what he’s doing.

When you’re silent and your lover is attempting to be as wonderful as possible, your silence might become quite unpleasant. You may indirectly tell him that you don’t like what he’s doing to you, or that you’re not a fan of that sex itself, by doing so.

As a result, the entire atmosphere is destroyed, and the pleasant mood is also completely lost. You don’t have to scream like an opera diva, but a few moans here and there won’t harm you and will mean a lot to your boyfriend.

Don’t just lie there

what do men like in bed

Again, we are not advising you to transform into someone you are not in your bedroom. Just because your boyfriend enjoys a bit more physical activity doesn’t mean you have to become a gymnast or a hip-hop dancer. However, some movements would be beneficial.

Keep in mind that inactivity is a major turn-off and that until you move your body a bit, you’ll never be able to fully arouse your guy. Don’t just wait for him to make a move.

A guy can put forth a lot of effort at the beginning of sex to elicit some type of reaction and a bit more physical energy from you, but if you never give it to him, he will just quit up. You don’t have to jump on the bed and do something you don’t want to do, but you may softly move your body in rhythm with your sexual energy to encourage your partner.

If you don’t like what your partner is doing, passive sex can’t be a way of giving him the information he needs to stop.

There are many more effective ways to point out his errors to him, but talking is the first one you should try. Feel free to tell your partner what you don’t like, and how you want to change it.

Stop being so insecure all the time

physical appearance

Insecurities may create a lot of emotional trauma and bring a lot of negativity into our lives. Both men and women are frequently anxious about their physical appearance.

Some individuals are disturbed by extra weight, while others despise their thighs, faces, or hair, but we must remember that our bodies, in whatever shape or form they take, are a perfectly natural and normal thing, and we should never be embarrassed by them.

If a man agrees to have sex with you, he is well aware of your appearance. When a female strips nude in front of a man, all he can think about is how gorgeous she is and how flawless her body is in its current state. Regardless of whether the body is larger or less in size.

During sex, insecurities are a huge turn-off. So quit turning off the lights, stop wrapping yourself in blankets, and stop running to the shower so he doesn’t get a glimpse of your naked body.

Also, for the love of life, stop getting out of bed so early to put your make-up on before your boyfriend does, so he doesn’t see you without it.

You are stunning in your natural state.

Self-confidence is the most effective way to attract and maintain people in your life. Before he looks at your body, the first thing a man notices about you is your self-assurance. Learn to appreciate yourself and your body, regardless of your anxieties.

Being self-aware and content with oneself is a vital thing for a happy and successful existence, even if there are no guys or sex in this narrative. Listen to a man who says he likes your physique and that you have no need to feel insecure since he is speaking the truth.

Come out of your shell.

Men like to be complimented too

how to please a man

Men must feel secure, desirable, and beautiful during sex, just as much as girls enjoy comments and attention.

Simply by speaking a few kind words to him, you may boost his mood and heat things up in the bedroom. You can complement his fragrant hair, taut figure, beautiful perfume, enticing motions, or sexual abilities, but be inventive.

Boost his self-esteem and be his biggest cheerleader. Girls should occasionally initiate intercourse or some form of foreplay activities. You’re letting him know that you desire him and that he excites you by doing so. Our actions, not our words, can sometimes earn us the highest praise.

Furthermore, the value of touch during sex cannot be overstated. You are teaching him that he should not be ashamed of his looks and that he is fine exactly the way he is if you encourage him to explore his body with your touches.

It’s critical that your guy always feels desirable and wanted.

Play with yourself more

sex play with yourself

We’ll confess that this one is a little too apparent. Female masturbation is, without a doubt, the biggest turn-on for guys.

Touch yourself as often and as long as possible if you want to bring your guy to a wonderful climax and unleash all the buried desires in his body. Play with your tits, rub your clit, stick your finger up your butt, whatever you want to do, just do something.

Guys appreciate it when you appreciate your beauty. If you think sex toys are an essential part of your relationship, try using one while having sex. Grab something to play with, whether it’s a clitoris massager, butt-plug, dildo, or anything else. It’ll be a hit with your guy.

Of course, you don’t have to try to insert a vibrator into your vaginal canal while your partner is still inside of you, but you may certainly engage in other activities that will pique his interest. Whether you’re unsure about this one, chat to him about it to see if it’s something he enjoys.

You can’t go wrong with this activity, and you’ll both have a great time doing it.

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