Here’s What Happens if You Wear Vibrating Panties in Public

Sex in public is prohibited. While rules are meant to be broken, no one should be seen in such a compromising situation, regardless of the consequences.

Thank goodness there are alternatives—even more intriguing than sex itself.

Ladies and gents, sexy panties which vibrate are a whole new level of pleasure in public—and no law prohibits wearing them. And let me tell you, I say this first hand.

Once upon a time, a girl wanted sex in public, but she had a boyfriend who is much more careful than her and always guided by reason. But that girl was extremely stubborn. And as there must be a compromise in every healthy relationship, the guy devised a way to please her and preserve the dignity of both.

Vibrating underwear was a solution that satisfied both of them. Okay, I really wanted it to be sex (damn movies), but this didn’t sound bad either. And it really wasn’t.

We tried them in a couple of places and some are definitely not suitable for this type of game, while some places are almost like intended for such things.

In the following text, I’m sharing with you our experiences of using vibrating panties in public.

Great (”safe”) places to wear vibrating underwear

Here’s What Happens if You Wear Vibrating Panties in Public

So to say ”safe” places where is completely comfortable to wear vibrating panties are in general loud, crowded places. This is the best option due to the fact that this type of sex gadget can be pretty loud. That’s why loudness should be considered when choosing the right fit, especially if you’re purchasing in an online store (such as Emma’s Sex Store). Most of the descriptions include how loud the gadget is (shown in dB).

Note: I gave my SO full control of the device. We agreed that he may use the toy anytime he wanted and fully control the intensity of the vibrations. We picked panties that included a 32-foot remote control and 10 vibration modes. I was well aware that I’ll be exposed to sweet torments.

The following were options where we did well.

Shopping mall

This wasn’t our first try, but it was one of the greatest.

We had to do some shopping (I had to, to be precise), so we decided to bring some fun with us, and it wasn’t hard to make a choice—the newest member of our sex toys fam (we have a couple of bondage toys, sex toys for couples, etc.) had to come with us.

I was a bit nervous. You know, there are plenty of people in malls, and my BF can be a real scumbag sometimes. Of course, he waited for the most unwanted situation to tease me—just when I started to talk with a worker about shirt sizes, an enormous wave of vibrations between my legs started to spread. I was shocked! I squeezed my legs tightly and walked away from her laughing like crazy, while my crotch was having a blast. He was laughing devilishly too!

All I could do was acting like I’m looking at dresses that were exhibited in the most isolated and non-traffic part of the store, while I was reaching orgasm. Publicly. With people around me. I had a feeling like I’m going to explode, or at least start moaning, but I managed it pretty well.

Later my beau told me that there was no noise at all, and only someone who was inspecting my face could capture that something is going on (I have that little eye movement when I’m experiencing big O).

Also, he said that he could barely hold himself from grabbing me in front of everyone since he became extremely aroused too.


Gosh, this wasn’t easy to handle. But the bar is a great place for this type of sex game—loud music, murmurs, and laughter from all sides ensure that everything runs smoothly. Unless you’re chatting with someone who isn’t your lover as a toy rattles between your thighs.

We sat at the bar, drank our favorite beer, and joked over an embarrassing situation from the past. Then my lover thought it was time to keep an eye on me while I’m having an orgasm.

Mild sensations began to excite my clit as soon as the bartender walked away from us. I laughed and sipped my drink. Soon after, the vibrations became more intense, and just as I claimed I couldn’t handle it any longer and needed to go to the bathroom, he switched to the most powerful vibration mode. I was overcome with joy and adrenaline, which increased as I was afraid that someone would notice something unusual was going on. I dashed to the nearest bathroom and locked myself in the cabin, where I had two powerful orgasms. Without hesitation this time. The music was blaring at full volume.

I walked out and kissed my sweetheart, thanking him for all the pleasure he ensured I have.


He wasn’t expecting that our Sunday walk in the park near our apartment will turn into a blast—for both of us.

I put on my vibrating panties and brought the remote with me. As we were chilling, getting some tan in the spring sun, I handed him the controller. He was thrilled. But patience is a virtue. He waited for a good opportunity, just to make sure I have an adrenaline rush mixed with pleasure.

As we sat on a bench, near a cuddling couple, he literally scared me with almost the strongest vibration! And I screamed—pretending to be scared of pigeons. Embarrassing, but worth it.

He hugged me and played with the controller, while I was having a moment of my life. People were passing by, and all I could think of was our bedroom and us naked. That’s what I proposed shortly after my first orgasm.

Not so great places

Here’s What Happens if You Wear Vibrating Panties in Public

Places, where you may not feel comfortable wearing vibrating underwear, are those where you have to have lots of interactions, where you are surrounded by your family or friends, or situations where you can’t risque to have outbursts.

Keep in mind, these are based on my opinion. I just couldn’t grasp the whole situation in the following contexts.

Friends/family eating

Needless to say, things went horribly wrong.

We had dinner with his cousins. You know how it goes—everything is lovely, we all chat and try to please one other, everyone laughs even when nothing is entertaining, and we all try to make things as pleasant as possible. What a fool I was to agree to put on panties!

Eventually, my beloved began taunting me in the middle of a meal. I gave him a sidelong glance, but it was in vain. I said to myself, “OK, I’m not going to be a coward,” “He’s not insane to increase the vibration in this scenario,” “I can take this.” However, I was unable to do so.

He was having a blast and eventually started laughing out loud, which caused others to stare at him in wonder. I took advantage of the opportunity and went to the restroom. I wore no underpants for the rest of the evening and was noticeably upset. Definitely not recommended.


I know this sounds appealing; we thought so, too. But it was a mistake that we later regretted. Both this time. In a manner, we’ve been caught in the act.

We headed to the gym, excited, for our normal workout, but this time with a kink.

I was eagerly anticipating his turning on the vibrations, but that didn’t happen until the coach walked over to demonstrate the workout. Then my SO cranked up the intensity on the panties to the maximum.

As the coach stared at me in surprise, I shouted (just like at the park). My cheeks were flushed, but I faked having a stomachache.

My babe encouraged me from a distance with a look to keep going as if nothing was happening, and all this my coach caught. I couldn’t bear the whole stimulation since I was certain he knew everything. But I chose not to give a damn. After all, I was already embarrassed.

I didn’t have an orgasm because I was thinking too much about the dude next to me, and it took a lot of work so to give in at all. Overall, it was an utterly pointless and ineffective attempt.

And these are the only places and situations where I did not enjoy myself and would not suggest to others.

There were a few more exhibitions, but they all went well—with great orgasms and adrenaline in the bloodstream. Exactly how regular sex should look like.

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