Zodiac Signs as Ex-Partners: Some Are Nice and Some Are Real Nightmare

It’s all a part of our lives: awful relationships, bad breakups, and all types of exes.

And it’s when it comes to love that we often reach for the horoscope and knowledge about zodiac signs.

Whether we describe ourselves as semi-believers in astrology or as someone who completely rely on zodiac interpretations, astrology can significantly influence our perception of individuals and their traits. Including our own.

Have you ever wondered how your ex-partners are as exes from an astrological standpoint? Or, to look at it another way, what kind of ex are you?

You must have had an ex with whom you buried your axes and remained on good terms at some point in your life, or one with whom you could not sit in the same room at any cost.

Contemplate this: what zodiac sign your memorable exes were? Those with whom you parted amicably were probably Pisces or a Taurus, and those with whom you parted harshly were probably Scorpio or Leo.

Take a look at what we have to say about each zodiac sign’s attitude after a breakup.

Aries—cold as ice (on the surface)

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries love to quarrel because they are led by the fighting planet Mars, and they also believe that everything is allowed in love as well as in war.

When they end a relationship, they usually decide never to talk to their ex again unless for revenge sex.

Aries will not receive the news of the breakup well, because in their head they are the ones who leave. They will shout, they will argue, and make scenes for their partner, but if they see that the other side is determined in their intention, they will quickly come to terms with it.

The abandoned Aries will not grieve for long (but will suffer behind closed doors), he will try to solve emotional problems with decisive action such as—going out with friends, playing sports, and looking for a new beau.

Aries is not one of those who hope for reconciliation, because he has already crossed out his ex-partner in his head and is now ready for new experiences.

Taurus—there is no going back after the breakup

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus will not disturb you. You will neither hear nor see him again—unless you decided to remain friends.

Except that at some point you will find out that Taurus has changed everything in its life, because when a relationship is over in which their life plans have not been realized, Taurus strives for change in all areas of life.

This sign of the zodiac hardly decides to break up, but when the decision is made, there is no going back. Taurus is honest and faithful, and he expects that from his partner as well. However, quite often that hits them hard.

Taurus is silent about the breakup—after crying and eating this zodiac sign is constantly thinking about the reasons for the breakup.

One must admit—a great example of an ex.

Gemini—they may call late in the night looking for an explanation

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Unless you live under the rock, you must’ve been knowledgeable of how crazy Gemini is.

Although it appears that Gemini survives everything, including love farewells, with the attitude—he or she is not the only one in the world—they do not have it easy.

Gemini is accustomed to everyone adoring and praising them, so it is difficult for them to comprehend who could dump them and why. And when that happens, Gemini will send messages to the loved (ex) one, call them on the phone, wait in front of the house, write emails, and communicate with everyone who is in contact with their ex-beau.

A real stalker alert!

Also, they will do everything so their ex realizes how great Gemini is feeling, even though they’re not doing so well.

Cancer—never giving up on love

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Emotional Cancers will have a hard time accepting a breakup.

They will bore everyone around them by whining and wailing over their ex, and because they always aspire to get back into the relationship, they will not give up in their efforts to reclaim their ex. Very often at all costs.

For them, it’s normal to wait a really long time until they finally understand that is over. Their ex can expect crying calls in the meantime.

Leo—they will claim that they are the ones who left

Leo Zodiac Sign

Everyone must know that the proud Leo is emotionally hurt and mourns with him because he suffers profoundly and honestly. Farewells are difficult for him, and he’s not sure if it’s because of his hurt vanity or his broken heart. And maybe it’s both—Leo thinks, attempting to understand his ex-lover when he “forged him into the stars” until yesterday, and now it hurts him so much that he starts to understand the jungle’s lions’ roar.

After the breakup, Leo hates you because you are no longer obedient and do not admire his majesty.

He will not do anything right away because revenge is served cold, but he will hire other servants to make your life worse wherever you appear. An entire army of henchmen will be organized against you. Be it at work, on the street—in all spheres of life in which the Leos are influential.

All one can do when calling quits with this zodiac sign is to try doing it as politely as possible. Just to not provoke their anger.

Virgo—busy cleaning and suffering quietly

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Also, Virgos are busy checking at the ex’s social media presence regularly. They’re hoping to uncover some hints there that will help them put everything together into a logical whole.

If they are sincerely hurt, they are also insulted—and if they decide to make your life tough, they will use all of their abilities to do it— including intelligence, analytics, focus, and even self-sacrifice.

Libra—pretends everything is fine

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra appears to be coping well with the split at first glance, but it’s all a deception. She won’t say anything (with the help of her acting), because she doesn’t want to offer the other side any joy. She begins to gossip, “airs out dirty laundry,” and despises “such people” (as her ex). Libra will then consider her future and seek validation of her exceptionally.

If she breaks up with someone, she will strive to make the split go as smoothly as possible; for example, Libra would clarify that she does not hate, resent, or blame anyone and that everyone has the right to make their own decisions.

The ultra-romantic Libra is likely to have a new crush or relationship lined up as soon as the current one ends.

Scorpio—devises the meanest revenge

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

This is definitely the evilest horoscope sign as an ex-lover.

Although according to the rules of the zodiac, Scorpio’s former partner should die on the spot, in reality, it does not go that way.

People who are Scorpio in the zodiac will make the meanest and most mysterious plan for their ex-partner to regret being born. And no punishment will ever be enough if you ask Scorpios.

Scorpio has the hardest time enduring parting because they rarely truly fall in love and find it hard to accept split. That’s when the vengeful side awakens in them because they feel betrayed.

In the meantime, they will satisfy their mad sex drive with someone else using sex toys, bondage gear, and all sorts of sex devices for their favorite type of sex—hardcore sex.

Sagittarius—there is no point in regrettingSagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius is a demanding and possessive partner, yet they bounce back swiftly after a breakup. At the very least, they’re trying hard to get back on their feet.

This zodiac sign feels that there is no point (nor time) in life to regret something and that the best way to get over someone is to fall into someone else’s ‘arms. That’s why Saggitarius seeks consolation, replacement, and aid from the first person they meet, but does not make any false promises.

In other words, it takes this horoscope sign a long time to get over the fact that they won’t be able to share memories with their ex any longer.

Because their initial rage fades fast, they frequently maintain good friendships with their ex-partners.

Capricorn—needs time to start trusting people againCapricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn will be dignified in his reaction to the breakup revelation, but he will be profoundly hurt.

It’s well-known they aren’t looking for quick thrills, but rather long-term commitments. Capricorn will not tolerate a breakup and will do everything in his power to maintain his lover.

If the relationship ends in a split, this zodiac sign will study every step and try to figure out where he went wrong.

They keep as nice a relationship with their ex as possible since they always think with their head rather than their heart.

Aquarius—unpredictableAquarius Zodiac Sign

Because Aquarius is known for their unexpected behaviors, it’s tough to predict how they’ll respond to the split.

If the relationship has ended due to personality clashes or physical distance, this horoscope sign will understand that it is for the best, and will not be furious. Aquarius will maintain amicable ties with their ex-partner and will not be offended by anything.

If their partner, on the other hand, has left for someone else, their wounded pride will not allow them to accept the situation gracefully.

Aquarius, who has been injured, doesn’t want to have anything to do with the person who has disappointed them, so quickly eliminates them from their life.

Pisces—console themselves with large amounts of alcohol and send messages to their ex

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces jump from one relationship to the next, frequently without even terminating the first one. However, if their lover abandons them, the sensitive Pisces will be unable to accept it and will try to persuade him otherwise.

Their breakup is marked by sadness, tears, and bitter memories experienced in solitude.

Pisces will never be ready to forget you. However, they will channel their anguish into creative endeavors, such as creating pieces of art with your persona and writing stories and songs about you.

They’ll also put out everything on the internet. One will have no power over them.

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